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Sweden offers permanent residency to all Syrian refugees

Following Germany’s announcement to drop EU rules to accepted  more refugees, Sweden announced it will grant permanent residency to all Syrian Refugees and Syrian Asylum seekers.

The decision comes in the light of the non resolution of the conflict in Syria and means that approximately 8,000 Syrians who have temporary residency in Sweden will now be able to stay in the country permanently. With permanent residency rights come the right to bring one’s family to Sweden.

In 2012 and 2013, a total of 14,700 Syrian asylum seekers came to Sweden. Together with Germany, Sweden is the EU country which has accepted the highest number of asylum seekers from the war-torn country. 

Warning: these policies were implemented over the summer 2015 as emergency measures. At Migreat, we do our best to update content and immigration information with the latest news – and give you always the date at which the content has been published or update. Check our page on refugees to get up to date with immigration legislation for refugees in Europe