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Germany is looking to attract, train and recruit Indian workers

German companies are now eagerly looking to recruit Indian skilled workers.

Two indian professionals

Germany has made changes to immigration legal framework to allow people from developing countries join its workforce and has launched an online campaign to inform Indian workers about work opportunities in Germany.

Germany was already partnering with India to improve skills development and creating new skills development institutions.

This time, Germany has signed training agreements between German companies and its Indian counterparts to identify Indian trainees willing to move to Germany and make them skilled for the current large vacancies available; ranging from doctors, engineers, scientists, robotics, and IT experts to low skilled workers.

Sector Skill Councils, the German Rhine-Main Chamber of Crafts and Trades, Indian counterpart (ILF&S) and other institutes will focus on training Indian workers in skills needed by German companies.

A few German companies have already started training Indian workers in India to meet their demand for skilled labour. In Pune, Volkswagen has started an academy with their first batch of apprentices in Delhi factory.The Indian students are trained, learning by doing and getting paid at the same time.

It is the second good news for migrants interested in living in Germany: earlier this month Germany announced the end of university tuition fees for all International Students. University in Germany is now free!


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