Migration Infographics and Media

I used to work for Migreat, a London startup building an AI for migrants applying to visas, for which I wrote reports and helped create infographics to visualise data on migration.

For any press queries, quote or questions, please tweet @josephinegoube the editor of this blog.

2 thoughts on “Migration Infographics and Media”

  1. Hello,

    I’m working on a new development project for a television show exploring the reversal of immigrants into the UK.

    We are looking to find individuals who are re-locating their business to Eastern Europe or who are starting a business out there. They may just be considering it at the moment or they may have just started the process of investigating the possibility or indeed have started the process and are on their way to launching. We are looking for different businesses from tech start-ups to restaurateurs to property investors to someone who’s dream is to open a nail salon- any business run by an interesting person! We are looking to follow the process of going east, explore the benefits of doing so and see if they succeed.

    Through your website, I’m sure that you will have come across people who have been successful in the above and I was wondering whether you were in touch with people who may be considering it too. It would be great if you could put me in touch with, or reach out to anyone who you think may fit the bill?

    It would be great to have the opportunity to chat with you.

    Many Thanks,



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