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Happy Migrants Day

Today is International Migrant’s Day! The day celebrates our human history, the story of hundreds of millions of courageous individuals who chose to overcome adversity and work at creating a better life for themselves in a foreign country.

Migration is a powerful expression of will and courage. Today, it is estimated that 250 million people have migrated to another country – making this population some sort of fifth continent.

The factors fuelling migration are 80% of the time economic reasons but one cannot confuse this consideration, for the spark by which the migration journeys started: poverty, war and environmental disasters.

Today, long-term and short-term migration is also an expression of our advancement in technology, globalisation and the reduction of costs of transports. The recent refugee crisis has highlighted how these elements have to play – mobile phones are acting as a lifeline and Facebook groups a source of information – but also stresses the need to rethink the dichotomy between economic migrants and refugees.

Many genuine asylum seekers are now trapped in a bureaucratic system that prevents them with going on with their lives: putting them in legal limbo and preventing them from starting any paid working activity. Many migrants are destitute of rights as extreme rights parties gain followers and blame foreigners for the economic crisis.

There is hope. Since the picture of the little Aylan Kurdi on the beach, civil society has woken up to the issue and responded with empathy – the spread of a Welcome Refugees movement across Europe – and with determination to help solve the problem – the coming together of tech entrepreneurs and engineers to create apps for refugees (Techfugees).


Refugees & migrants arriving in Europe this year will define a lot of the future of Europe.


This blog post is dedicated to Migreat staff, each of them amazing individuals (migrants themselves!) working everyday at producing information in 12 languages to migrants around the world heading to Europe.

Thank you to each one of you – for a fun and successful year of high quality and trust worthy content and events.

Arabic Migrants in the UK Event: how social media is transforming lives and integration of Arab migrants

Migreat is running a series of events & workshops for migrant communities of London.

Next in line: a panel discussion on social media, integration and Arab migrants living in London & the UK.

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The arabic migrant communities of London are experiencing a cultural transformation. In the recent years, the spread of mobile technologies and the popularity of social media has made possible for the community to engage in a new manner with news from their home country, re-connect with their homelands and their loved ones.

Syrians, Egyptians, Libyans, Palestinians, etc are enjoying more mediums for communicating and sharing their experiences with friends and family inside and outside the UK. Youtube, Instagram or Whatsapp have become daily tools used by the community to gather, share and exchange information across distance.

But has it helped arab migrants integrate better Europe societies and especially in the UK? Is social media fostering the propagation of communautarian ideas and creating new digital walls where information and platforms are only populated by the same people and ideas?

flyer-v04 (1)

Our next event on February 28th 2015 brings prominent voices of the London Arabic community from Alaraby Al Jadeed, Arts Canteen, NahlaInk and Meryna to discuss this transformation and its impact on arab migrants in the UK.

Panelist Nahla Al-Ageli, a British-Arab freelance journalist specialising in the arts and culture of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, will talk about her experience blogging for the British-Arabs and the growth of readers she has seen.

Aser El Saqqa, curator, producer and director of Arts Canteen, will be able to illustrate the topic on the recent growth in demand for Arab Arts and the growing recognition of Art coming from the region.

Khalil Al Agha, PhD candidate in New Media Studies and Editor-in-Chief of Al Araby Al Jadeed Arabic website will share his data on Arab youth use of social media to moderate and lead this panel discussion.

The early afternoon will see Tara Jaffar, director of Non-Governmental Organisation, Meryna/مرنة, leading a workshop for the attendees drawing on the expressive and therapeutic of arts to better the understanding of processes of integration and the core role of art and social mediums for arabic migrants in that process.


If you are interested in participating in the event and want to know more about what Migreat Arab Community has to offer you, please get in touch with @MigreatAR