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Happy Migrants Day

Today is International Migrant’s Day! The day celebrates our human history, the story of hundreds of millions of courageous individuals who chose to overcome adversity and work at creating a better life for themselves in a foreign country.

Migration is a powerful expression of will and courage. Today, it is estimated that 250 million people have migrated to another country – making this population some sort of fifth continent.

The factors fuelling migration are 80% of the time economic reasons but one cannot confuse this consideration, for the spark by which the migration journeys started: poverty, war and environmental disasters.

Today, long-term and short-term migration is also an expression of our advancement in technology, globalisation and the reduction of costs of transports. The recent refugee crisis has highlighted how these elements have to play – mobile phones are acting as a lifeline and Facebook groups a source of information – but also stresses the need to rethink the dichotomy between economic migrants and refugees.

Many genuine asylum seekers are now trapped in a bureaucratic system that prevents them with going on with their lives: putting them in legal limbo and preventing them from starting any paid working activity. Many migrants are destitute of rights as extreme rights parties gain followers and blame foreigners for the economic crisis.

There is hope. Since the picture of the little Aylan Kurdi on the beach, civil society has woken up to the issue and responded with empathy – the spread of a Welcome Refugees movement across Europe – and with determination to help solve the problem – the coming together of tech entrepreneurs and engineers to create apps for refugees (Techfugees).


Refugees & migrants arriving in Europe this year will define a lot of the future of Europe.


This blog post is dedicated to Migreat staff, each of them amazing individuals (migrants themselves!) working everyday at producing information in 12 languages to migrants around the world heading to Europe.

Thank you to each one of you – for a fun and successful year of high quality and trust worthy content and events.

Volunteer at Migreat’s Upcoming Migrant Women Entrepreneurs Event

Migreat is organising an exclusive evening event to celebrate Migrant Women Entrepreneurship in the UK and is looking for four migrant women to help us with logistics for the evening.

Inspiring talks from successful migrant entrepreneurs & investors
The private event, happening on the evening of Wednesday October 21st, will bring successful migrant women entrepreneurs and investors together to discuss the stories of their success and how to they raised the funds to start their companies.

Attendees will be able to hear about the backgrounds of these successful migrant women and learn from their experiences. The first panel of entrepreneurial migrants will explore the challenges and opportunities that the UK offers to set up a business; the second panel discussion with investors will provide guidance on how to raise money to start a business in the UK as a migrant. 

Find more information on the speakers and book your tickets here.

There will be allocated time at the end of each panel session for questions from the audience and more time at the end for networking, so that everyone can meet other entrepreneurs and like-minded women.

We are looking for volunteers
Volunteer for the night, and get a free pass to our event. We need four migrant volunteers to:

  • Help with the setup and arrangements of the venue
  • Warmly welcome attendees and panelists
  • Register attendees
  • Hand out tote bags, booklets and feedback forms
  • Support the person liaising with the catering company

The event will start at 6.00 pm but we need the volunteers to arrive at the venue at 4.30pm in order to receive a short training and to help with the set up.

What would I get in exchange for my time?

  • We would cover up to £7 of the travel expenses.
  • You would have the opportunity to network with around 50 migrant women entrepreneurs.
  • Refreshments and food provided by a company run by migrant women.
  • A beautiful Migreat tote bag!

Are you interested? If so, please get in contact with Beatriz Martínez at and explain to us briefly your professional background and why you would like to help us.

Guide to Hiring Non-EU Nationals: Migreat Immigration Evening Event for Digital Companies and Startups

Migreat is organising a talk and panel discussion on immigration and recruitment procedures for companies looking to hire non-EU nationals on Wednesday 14th October in Central London. Book your ticket here – seats are limited. The event will be live-streamed on Youtube and Periscope (if you follow us on Twitter).

The evening event, held at WeWork SouthBank, will bring together mature technology start-ups along small digital businesses to discuss immigration solutions for hiring non-EU tech talent and provide practical guidance for entrepreneurs and the human resources departments of small companies.

Speakers – Amanda Cowie, Head of Talent Acquisition at Duedil, Johanna Read, Head of Talent at Moo and Hanna Sanford, Talent Partner at OneFineStay will share their advice and experience with

  • getting the sponsorship licence,
  • the benefits and costs of the sponsorship licence
  • discussion of the best online and offline places to look for highly skilled talent.

The event will end with a Q&A and allow for some further networking between attendees and speakers. A Live Video Stream will be available on Migreat Youtube Channel. Additional guidance & resources will be provided on the day by Migreat Immigration Experts.

See the full schedule and book your ticket here to meet and speak with immigration experts on the evening. The event will be live-streamed on Youtube and Periscope (if you follow us on Twitter) for the one of you that can’t attend physically.

Migreat Event: Building your online CV & presence to find a job in London #Lovetolearn

Migreat Community Team is participating to #LoveToLearn Adult’s learner week campaign this June.

We are putting up an evening workshop on CV and cover letter writing for migrants living in London. Learn more and come join.


The free two hours workshop happening on June 15th will be animated by CV experts representing each major non-english speaking UK migrant communities. A chance to learn to excel at writing CVs and cover letters from the perspective of UK employer – avoiding those foreign mistakes – and be more visible to employers online.

A special thanks to the four moderators that will animate the evening workshop among whom the expert:

  • Maha Rahwanji, Education Manager, Teacher Trainer & Facilitator in Adult & Community Learning with a specialism in English Language Examining. Maha will offer her expertise & advice for arabic speaking attendees. More info on Migreat London Arabic Community.
  • Mohand Bouhadouf, Senior recruitment consultant at RP International. Mohand will take care of french speaking maghrebi attendees. More info on Migreat London Maghrebi Community.

Each have long experience working with newcomers and represent each major non-speaking migrant community of London. From their own experience of settling in London – and mistakes, they will teach migrants the key rules of finding a job in London.

Learn more about the event from Migreat Arabic, Chinese, Maghrebi and Latino Community Managers – or just grab your ticket for the event on Eventbrite

The African Community in London meets Migreat

Migreat hosted its fourth community event of 2015 for London’s growing community of African writers and bloggers on Saturday.


Organised by Migreat African Communities Manager, Tholani, the morning saw high profile African Londoners debating concepts of Identity, belonging and local african content, followed in the afternoon by workshops equipping bloggers and writers with the tools and know-how to make good online content.


It was exciting to bring high profile writers, bloggers and media personalities of the Diaspora together to share their success story and inspire the audience to follow their example.

There was much passion and debate in the morning panel on Identity and Belonging moderated by the opiniated Nels Abbey from the Voice.

Nels Abbey from the Voice

The debate highlighted the ever-changing nature of Black-British identity with a general consensus that it is always evolving and changing.


Second and third generation African and Caribbeans whilst acknowledging that Africa is the place of origin of their families; many feel like embracing the ‘British’ culture first before their heritage.

Migreat African Community Event

The discussions continued while Yassa was served by the team of Little Baobab, the new but already popular Senegalese Restaurant based in Hackney.

The afternoon was dedicated to offer training to bloggers and vloggers from the community on wordpress, content marketing, blogging and vlogging.


A bit thank you to our panelists, moderator and workshop leaders in the afternoon who achieved to maintain attention and engagement levels high with their tips on blogging and vlogging; And a special thanks to Vlogger Gracey Mae for the little video she made on the day with our attendees.

Gracey Mae
Learn more about the vibrant African Community in London via Migreat Africa’s full summary of the event.

Keep up to date with next Migreat Africa events on Africans abroad Migreat Facebook page or @MigreatAF Twitter account.

African Community Writers & Bloggers: Professional blogging Event by Migreat

Join the community of African bloggers and writers this weekend to discuss content marketing and video blogging in London.


As part of our series of workshops for migrant communities, Migreat African Community is organising a half day community event for African writers and bloggers.

Gathering London’s Prominent African Writers & Bloggers

The event will gather the movers and shakers of the London African community online to discuss the concept of Identity, Home and Belonging within the UK African Community context.

In the morning, the discussion will be led by prominent figures of the London African Community of Writers:

Nels Abbey, journalist at The Voice Newspaper and Evening Standard;

Samantha Asumadu, Founder of Media Diversified, Filmmaker, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts; 

Josef Israel, Multimedia Journalist at the BBC, Columnist at The Africa Report, broadcaster, writer, announcer, compère and voice-over audio producer and;

Naomi Fletcher: Director at The Cultural Group CIC, African Cultural Education Enthusiast, owner of the Ghanaian Language School and Listen, Speak and Learn.

They will debate in the morning on the sensitive question of how foreign cultures are filling in or not the identity ‘gaps’ that exist within UK black communities.


In the afternoon, attendees will get trained on creating successful blogs and how to go about video marketing by Wordpress expert Rafi Akbar from Lucky Webs, Sergio Lopez Figueroa, from Big Bang Lab Founder and Belinda Otas, blogger behind the popular New African Woman Mag and writer at Monocle.

Come, Meet and Network

The mid-day and early evening break will offer plenty of room for networking and informal chats with panelists.

Also, attendees will be served a light lunch prepared by Little Baobab, Migreat’s new favourite London local Senegalese restaurant.

Thiebou Dienne - our Saturday special at Little Baobab. Credits Little Baobab
Thiebou Dienne – our Saturday special at Little Baobab. Credits Little Baobab

Whether you are at the start of your writing career or have reached success, come join, share and inspire with the African London Community.

Grab your ticket and meet with fellow bloggers, writers to learn more and be trained on content creation and marketing.

Please note that the event is in high demand and numbers of tickets are limited. Order your ticket now here!

Get in touch with @MigreatAF on twitter or on Facebook via Migreat African Community Page.

The Chinese Diaspora in London meets at Migreat

On Saturday, Migreat hosted the third community event of 2015 for Chinese overseas students and young professionals to discuss their options to stay and start their career in the UK.

Make the best of your time in the UK: how to build your Chinese diaspora networks for your career

Introduced by Tian Lan, Chinese Community Manager at Migreat, the event brought high profile leaders of the Diaspora to share their success story to inspire the audience to follow their example.

In the morning, Eve Li, Owner of East Meet West Club, Lu Li, founder of Female Entrepreneurs Organisation and Zongwen Yu, COO of Blueprint Capital, all three role models of their community, answered the questions of Noah Sin on how to take advantages of the different thinking patterns by which Chinese and Westerners do business.

Make the best of your time in the UK: how to build your Chinese diaspora networks for your career

Asked about their reasons for why they decided to move to the UK, Eve explained she ‘felt [She] could do better by moving here in London’.

Originally from Taiwan, Eve has been living in the U.K. for more than 17 years. Her Chinese cultural upbringing taught her how to be a powerful networker.

“Westerners have this prejudiced idea that we Chinese are reserved while actually, we are not.” Instead she explained that Chinese migrants are social creatures, acting and moving in group – a dramatically different approach from the individualistic behaviour set in the West.

Make the best of your time in the UK: how to build your Chinese diaspora networks for your career

Meanwhile, Lu who was born in Beijing and raised in Germany, added she ‘chose the UK because it is more open-minded than the US’.

Indeed, there has been progress made over the last years to develop collaboration and broaden the dialogue in between China and the UK with lately a new streamlined visa process for Chinese visitors and more visa centres opening in China.

Lu and Eve mentioned an increasing sense of collaboration and several shared initiatives  popping up in London, supporting the success of the Chinese Diaspora here.

Make the best of your time in the UK: how to build your Chinese diaspora networks for your career

“It will require time, and it will need people from both end to understand that we think and communicate differently” – Eve added.

She took illustration of how UK and China address business to illustrate her point. Westerners are straightforward she said, when Chinese are going in “rounds”. Here, people want to “close deals”. Yet, “in Chinese if you say you are going to close, Chinese will walk away from the business table”.

Make the best of your time in the UK: how to build your Chinese diaspora networks for your career

Zongwen confirmed this by adding that efforts needed to be done by both ends to meet, with a stronger emphasis from Chinese individuals living here. ‘You have to obey the rules of the game here if you want to stay, you have to be one of them’.

Panelists addressed the case of Chinese overseas students who are often too shy to express themselves.

“When I arrived in Uni here, I would still raise my hand to ask permission to go to the loo” said Eve.

Make the best of your time in the UK: how to build your Chinese diaspora networks for your career

This tells a lot about the difference between UK and Chinese culture. In the UK asking questions and taking initiatives is a cultivated and encouraged behaviour in the family and work environment. On the contrary, Chinese culture a lot of attention is given to being diligent and such act as taking initiatives can sometimes be perceived as a lack of respect.

This led the panelists to emphasises the importance of work experience in the UK to find a good job after graduation – and opened the discussion for the afternoon workshops centred around finding jobs in London.

‘If your CV is pretty much a blank paper, do volunteer jobs or be an intern, gain as much as work experience during the first six months after graduation’.

Make the best of your time in the UK: how to build your Chinese diaspora networks for your career

Sally, the founder of 11K Consulting, shared her ‘10 secrets to building a successful career in the UK’ in an hour engaging talk.

Her experience taught her UK employers care more what you can do for them than what degree your earned or graduation level you completed.

Make the best of your time in the UK: how to build your Chinese diaspora networks for your career

Followed, Sophia from Mandarin Consulting, who made a presentation about things graduations need to know if they want to find a job here.

She shared a few more illustration of how different thinking patterns between Chinese and Westerners can interfere with a Chinese student search for a job here in the UK.

“Employers here look for a team worker, that has a taste for taking initiative and calculated risks and that can asks relevant questions.

In contrast, Chinese employers look for very different characteristics, usually looking for someone who will show obedience, to be a hard worker, staying late at night at work”.

Make the best of your time in the UK: how to build your Chinese diaspora networks for your career

The whole event ended up with boosted confidence and happiness from attendee’s smiley faces.

For photos of the event and more information opportunities for the Chinese diaspora in London, follow our Facebook page: 华人社区在全球 Migreat and Weibo account ChineseMigreat.

Chinese Community Event: Make the best of your time in the UK to build a successful career

Migreat started a series of workshops for migrant communities of London.

The next event is dedicated to Chinese Young professionals living in London to help them build their professional network in London and to promote young Chinese talents as inspiration and role models to them. Join us, grab your ticket before it is too late!


The event happening next Saturday 21st of March 2015 brings a panel of successful figures of the London Chinese community – Chinese entrepreneurs, consultants and business leaders – to discuss how to network in the UK to build a successful career in London. The event is open to all Chinese living in the UK.

Lu Li
Lu Li, the entrepreneur shaking the female ecosystem of business owners in London

We are excited to confirm fantastic panelists that we inspire you on ways to succeed in the UK with their own stories: Eve Li, founder of East Meet West Club; Lu Li, Founder of Female Entrepreneur Organisation, Zongwen Lu, COO of BluePrint Capital. This inspiring panel will be moderated by Noah Sin, freelance journalist often writing for the Independent – himself a role model to young Chinese into politics and writing.

Sally Maier yip – so you want to start your own company in the UK?

Also we are looking forward to the workshops of Sally Maier-Yip, Founder & Managing Director of 11K consulting; and Sophia Qi, Programme Consultant at Mandarin Consulting, who have prepared great exercices on how to market yourself and apply for jobs in the UK.

Whether you are on the path to success in the UK or would like to learn more about how to make a career in in the UK, come join: register for your early bird ticket here. Event tickets are selling fast!

If you are interested in participating in the event and want to know more about what Migreat Chinese Community has to offer you, please get in touch with @Migreat on twitter or Migreat Weibo

Migreat Arab Community Event: integration in a growing digital world

Every three weeks, Migreat organises a day long community event to support a better visibility of migrant communities online and offline.


Last event on Saturday 28th of February was dedicated to Arab Londoners. It brought together movers and shakers of the community together to discuss the transformative impact of social media onto their local communities.

If you could not make it, here are the discussion and thoughts shared on the day that you missed.

Reham, Arab Communities Manager at Migreat on the left - introducing the panel discussion
Reham, Arab Communities Manager at Migreat on the left – introducing the panel discussion

Organised by Migreat Arab Communities Manager, Reham, the event, hosted in Migreat London office, developed in two parts: a panel discussion in the morning discussing social media and integration, and an immersive workshop in the afternoon on experiences of migration.

Overall, an intimate audience of arabs working in the media, arts and therapeutic arts sectors shared their thoughts, views and experiences on the challenges of integration and the use of social media in this respect.

Migreat Arab Community Panel
Left to right: Nahla Al-Ageli, Dr. Khalil Al Agha, Tara Jaffar and Aser El Saqqa

Dr. Khalil Al Agha – PhD holder in new media studies and Editor-in-Chief of Al Araby Al Jadeed newspaper Arabic website – opened the panel discussion with the question of what ‘integration’ actually means.

Tara Jaffar, creative practitioner and director at Meryna (مرنة) NGO, emphasised that “integration means a way of bringing together the different parts of [one’s] self, [their] identity as a migrant”.

Director at Arts Canteen, Aser El Saqqa, pointed out that there is often a misconception on integration. In order to integrate into a new society, one does not have to  give up the culture and traditions they have grown up with – they can also add it to their new identity. 


Commenting on the role played by social media in the integration process, journalist Nahla Al-Ageli, who specialises in the arts and culture of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, said: “It’s really important not to rely on the cyber world for your personal growth and development. You need to make it real, you need to bring it closer to you.”


In the afternoon, after the audience had the chance to meet and socialise over lunch, Tara Jaffar led a workshop, drawing on Meryna’s creative working model to promote community dialogue, artistic expression and well-being.

In the workshop, the audience got to experience how individuals get to know each other and respond to one another in a group, reflecting, to a large extent, the process of communication and integration with a new society and the world.

DSC_0101 (1)

The initiative was received with overwhelming enthusiasm and interaction. And to keep up the vibrant atmosphere of this event at Migreat, participants are re-connecting in a private facebook group where they can stay in touch and develop ideas together for the UK Arab community.


Join us in future events and let us hear from you with comments/ suggestions. Follow us on facebook and twitter @MiGreatAr, or get in touch via email reham(at)

Arabic Migrants in the UK Event: how social media is transforming lives and integration of Arab migrants

Migreat is running a series of events & workshops for migrant communities of London.

Next in line: a panel discussion on social media, integration and Arab migrants living in London & the UK.

Telegraph pic

The arabic migrant communities of London are experiencing a cultural transformation. In the recent years, the spread of mobile technologies and the popularity of social media has made possible for the community to engage in a new manner with news from their home country, re-connect with their homelands and their loved ones.

Syrians, Egyptians, Libyans, Palestinians, etc are enjoying more mediums for communicating and sharing their experiences with friends and family inside and outside the UK. Youtube, Instagram or Whatsapp have become daily tools used by the community to gather, share and exchange information across distance.

But has it helped arab migrants integrate better Europe societies and especially in the UK? Is social media fostering the propagation of communautarian ideas and creating new digital walls where information and platforms are only populated by the same people and ideas?

flyer-v04 (1)

Our next event on February 28th 2015 brings prominent voices of the London Arabic community from Alaraby Al Jadeed, Arts Canteen, NahlaInk and Meryna to discuss this transformation and its impact on arab migrants in the UK.

Panelist Nahla Al-Ageli, a British-Arab freelance journalist specialising in the arts and culture of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, will talk about her experience blogging for the British-Arabs and the growth of readers she has seen.

Aser El Saqqa, curator, producer and director of Arts Canteen, will be able to illustrate the topic on the recent growth in demand for Arab Arts and the growing recognition of Art coming from the region.

Khalil Al Agha, PhD candidate in New Media Studies and Editor-in-Chief of Al Araby Al Jadeed Arabic website will share his data on Arab youth use of social media to moderate and lead this panel discussion.

The early afternoon will see Tara Jaffar, director of Non-Governmental Organisation, Meryna/مرنة, leading a workshop for the attendees drawing on the expressive and therapeutic of arts to better the understanding of processes of integration and the core role of art and social mediums for arabic migrants in that process.


If you are interested in participating in the event and want to know more about what Migreat Arab Community has to offer you, please get in touch with @MigreatAR