Jobs for international students in the UK: the myth debunked?

Rumor has it that the government is constantly tightening visa policies – which in turn deters UK employers from hiring foreign nationals and graduates. There is no doubt that bureaucracy deters employers when it comes to hiring foreign graduates, and therefore there are now fewer organisations looking for international recruits.

Rohan Harris, Director at Inter-CV, takes the stand that this is a somewhat misleading outlook, and if anyone actually looks at the statistics they may think differently.

The Impact of the Removal of the Post-Study-Work Visa
While it is true that the removal of the post study work visa has made the search for a job more complicated for international students, employers are still looking and need this talent.

Sad Graduate-main1
Difficult times for International graduates?

From the annual Graduate Market study by Highflyers – a review of graduate vacancies and starting salaries from the UK’s top 100 employers, top employers are looking to recruit more graduates and are experiencing a shortage:

  • Recruitment targets revised in January 2014 – 18,264
  • Recruitment targets revised again in July 2014 – 18,753
  • Actual confirmed graduates recruited in December 2014 – 18,129 recruited (743 unfilled vacancies)

Furthermore, 3 out of 5 employers said that they were working to achieve diversity targets for their graduate recruitment, such as the number of women and/or ethnic minority applicants.

  • A quarter of the country’s leading employers have increased their graduate recruitment budget from the previous year
  • The largest growth in graduate vacancies is expected in public sector organisations, armed forces, retailers, banking and finance, accounting and professional services firms.
  • The research showed that 61% of the top graduate employers said that one of their challenges is achieving their diversity targets. This is ranked 2nd in their overall list of challenges for 2015

If you are an International Student looking for a job, this is good news and tells you to look for and knock on the doors of companies with visible diversity targets – they may see you as a way to meet their targets.


Migreat is hosting an immigration event in London next week to help foreign engineering graduates navigate the UK immigration system and meet employers of tech companies recruiting. Grab your ticket now – seats are limited. 

For more information on the topic of job vacancies in the UK, go check Rohan Harris’ profile and newest articles on our Migreat UK Community website.

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