What Entrepreneur Visa Options are Available to Set Up a Business In the UK

Have you been looking into what the visa options are to start a business in the UK?
Migreat spoke to Seedcamp, a London based pan-European accelerator funded by a group of 30 investors, about visa options and what is important to know about immigration before moving to London to start a company. Here’s a recap of the podcast.

What are the main things a foreign entrepreneur needs to know about UK visas & immigration? [Minute 4.09]
  • You have more options than just the Entrepreneur visa: Investor, Graduate Entrepreneur, Prospective Entrepreneur, Exceptional Talent visas are options for you to consider.
  • People should think about their visa choices strategically and about the long term. Migreat recommends that you always ask for expert advice from regulated experts – it will save you time and money.

How to make your choice between all visa options? [Min 5.45-6.30 & Min 8.50-11]
To make a solid and informed choice, Migreat recommends you consider:

  • your current visa situation
  • the capital you have access too
  • your plans and the time you want to spend in the UK

A better deal for the Entrepreneur visa? [Min 7.25]
If you are accepted into Seedcamp or another endorsed incubator in the UK – you have to show £50K in capital to apply to the Entrepreneur Visa.

Make sure you get the paperwork right. 
[Min 13.30]
Most applications are refused because of paperwork mistakes. Understand that the UKVI judges your application by the paperwork you provide. They will not typically meet you or make a google search around how well you are doing with your business.

Immigration experts are big time (and life )savers in this regard:
Consider hiring a solicitor if you want to save time, money and minimise risks to get refused with your application.

The service of an immigration solicitor fluctuates in prices[Min 17.21]
Check what is included in the price and if it is a hourly rate or a package.
Always make sure that your immigration solicitor has the credentials and experience with the visa you are applying for. [Min 22.25]
It is an investment that is worth it. At Migreat, we strive to match foreigners with a solicitor that speaks the language, understands where you are coming from and has done similar work in the past successfully.

Resources: Migreat immigration wizard to check your visa options; and Migreat guideline of the different entrepreneur visa around the world.

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