Connections to VCs and Governments endorsed programs can help greatly get you a UK Entrepreneur Visa

Getting the UK Entrepreneur Visa using a Business Matchmaker

How risky is it to start a business in the UK as a migrant? We asked Josh Henderson from Enterprise Brokers to tell us the benefits and opportunities for entrepreneurial migrants to start a UK business by acquiring or joining an already existing business in the UK.

Not only the visa process is made a little smoother, the business is also most likely to succeed on the long term says Josh. Read more or ask your question to Josh at the bottom of this blog post.

What is Business matchmaking?

Business matchmaking is when an entrepreneur joins/partners with an established business through an agent whose job it is to find two professionals that can work together for each others gain.

How does this relate to the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa?

For the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa you can start a business from scratch but you can also join or partner with an already established company.

What are the benefits of business matchmaking?

Risk reduction. By joining an existing business, entrepreneurs can be a part of a profitable business who are looking to expand. The survival rate for new businesses is very low. A study conducted by the insurer RSA in 2014 found that more then 50% of new small businesses fail within 5 years of starting in the UK. For emigrating migrants this percentage is likely to be even higher.

Experienced foreign businessmen and women will often choose to buy or partner with an established UK business rather than set up a business from scratch, as this reduces their financial risk and the length of time it takes to gain a foothold in the UK. It is also a great way to learn about the practicalities of doing business in the UK. As a foreigner with limited knowledge of the UK, you would be very unwise to commit to buying or investing in a UK business without seeking professional help.” Financial Times 2012.

So by joining with an established business with a good track record there is a better chance of survival.

How many migrants are using this route each year – and why do you think it is growing in popularity?

There is a growing demand in the immigration market to match genuine entrepreneurs with already established businesses. Migrant entrepreneurs have limited access to support them with advice and information on UK business opportunities – what we offer to do at enterprise broker.

Enterprise Broker Process to matchmake entrepreneurs with UK Businesses
Enterprise Broker Process to matchmake entrepreneurs with UK Businesses

What are the business you match with looking for? 

Many of these businesses are looking for the entrepreneurs’ language skills to expand to new international markets and hire more staff.

What kind of business are the most likely to be looking for a migrant partner to join?

We deal in a lot of different sectors such as

  • Renewable Technologies
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Software
  • Education
  • Hospitality & Leisure
  • Engineering
  • Franchises
  • Many More

What current offers do you have?

Here are some typical businesses we have to offer –

  • Mobile application that helps to bring ideas to life. A digital platform where ideas are submitted. These ideas can be selected and are supported by creative professionals, coaches and investors to come to reality. The app has already raised over £300,000 and is supported by Man City and Virgin Media.
  • Solar company looking for expansion. A solar installer that is rapidly expanding across the UK looking to joint franchise to migrant who can expand the business both in the UK and abroad.
  • Smart Technology sports clothing. Tech that can read the body’s heart rate/temperate to assess performance and health whilst playing sport. Endorsed by top sports professional, looking for brand ambassador to expand in UK and international markets.

What are the kind of businesses most likely to be looking for the matchmaking with an entrepreneurial migrant?

Great question, we generally match make the business to the entrepreneurs skillset and background. The client will already have the knowledge to carry out their services but they might not fully understand the market, and they would like to joint venture with someone who does.

For instance we are working with a Lebanese client who is an engineer who is experienced in the heating and plumbing industry.  For this entrepreneur we are matchmaking him to an existing heating business in North London that has been running for a number of years. He will bring the experience and capital to help the business branch out to a bigger market.
What do you advise your client when choosing a UK business? 

Choose a business you are genuinely interested in. Don’t follow what the crowd says. I speak to many people who take advice from friends or relatives but its not inline with their skill set or interests. The entrepreneur will be working in that business for a number of years so it’s very important to be apart of a business you enjoy. There are many successful businesses in different industries so you don’t have to follow what’s currently popular.

Once you have found a business seek a professional such as an accountant to check the accounts and finances of the operation. The numbers don’t lie and it is vital to assess the financial situation you are entering into.  Many people will gladly take the money and businesses can easily go bust with poor financials – I have unfortunately heard stories like this.

Last but not least, if your creating a joint venture make sure there is a good track record of growth, this can be seen in the financial accounts and the business owners experience.

What is the most common challenge of these deals? 

 In regards to the deals there are no big challenges, obviously there has to be negotiations between the existing owner and the incoming entrepreneur and we will represent the entrepreneur to help them with this. This does take time but as long as there is mutual trust we will broker the deal.


If you have any questions about our services or businesses then please ask by commenting below.

Josh Henderson is the CEO of Enterprise Brokers, a business matchmaking company for international entrepreneurs in the UK and partner of

Chinese translation of the blog post: 使用“商业红娘”获得英国企业家签证


作为一个非欧盟移民,在英国创业究竟有多困难呢?我们询问了来自Enterprise Brokers的Josh Henderson,移民企业家在英国创业或者投资有哪些优势和机会。

Josh表示:使用“商业红娘”(Business matchmaking),不仅可以让申请签证的过程更加顺利,而且从长远来看,公司的发展前景会更加广阔。当然,如果你有更多问题,可以在博客下方留言咨询Josh。



“商业红娘”与Tier 1企业家签证有什么关系?

对于申请Tier 1企业家签证的人来说,你可以从头开始自己创业,也可以加入或者成为已成立公司的合作伙伴。




“相较于从零开始的创业,有经验的外国企业家和女性通常会选择购买在英国已经设立的公司或者成为这些公司的合伙人,这样不仅能够降低投资风险,节约时间,而且还能够在英国站稳脚跟。除此之外,这也是了解在英国开展业务的好方法。作为对英国的商业运作知识有限的移民,在不寻求专家帮助的情况下,你很有可能不明智的选择购买或者投资英国的企业。”金融时报 2012



越来越多的移民倾向于寻找在英国已成立的公司,然而,移民企业家多半情况下无法接触到太多的英国商业信息和咨询以帮助他们进行选择- 我们所做的就是企业经纪人。






  • 可再生能源技术
  • 金融服务
  • 零售
  • 施工工程
  • 软件
  • 教育
  • 酒店与休闲
  • 工程
  • 特许经营
  • 还有很多……

















Josh Henderson是Enterprise Brokers的首席执行官,一家立足于英国,专门为移民企业家寻找合作伙伴,充当“商业红娘”的公司,也是migreat.com的合作伙伴。

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