Durham honours Human Migration and the Environment for a whole month

An International Conference & Art Exhibition on climate change induced migration takes over the whole city of Durham, UK until the 5th of July.

Footprint Modulation Migration & Climate Change Conference

For a whole month, the city of Durham has taken the pledge to be the epicentre of knowledge on climate-induced migration thanks to its ambitious artistic director Kooj Chuhan, and the unfolding of a four day conference at Durham University titled ‘Human Migration and the Environment: Futures, Politics, Invention’.

Five major venues spread over the city are exposing various Art shows from international and UK artists until July 5th all related to the theme of climate change and migration. The major exhibit aims to provoke a discussion on climate change induced migration. The point being that nobody in the common media is arguably joining the dots between climate change and migration but reporting on events as they go.

The exhibit takes the stance to focus on the long-term trends and core push factors of migration against the short-termist approach to migration by the Media and politicians.

Indeed, Government frivolously create narratives for their electorate that provide excuses for their rules and policies when, as matter of fact, migration is driven by a major environmental factors: decades of droughts, climate changes or environmental catastrophe have pushed humans to go for better and safer places to live. The various art shows unveil the context and the deeper narratives of migration today that we are all blind to.

Tracey Zengeni @ The MIner's Hall, Durham

A message that we are sensitive to here at Migreat: we believe that migration is a fact of life, and migration journeys cannot be controlled but only made more or less challenging by government policies. As a result, Migreat believes government have in their hands to decide where they want to set the line of who is legal and who is illegal.

This message will be culminating and articulated during the four days conference this weekend Sunday 28th until July 1st.

The project was developed in partnership with the international conference titled “Human Migration and the Environment: Futures, Politics, Invention”. It concludes four intensive years of Europe-wide workshops, organised and led by Durham University Geography Department.

A free online webcast of some of the conference sessions will be live at this link on Monday and Tuesday.

Conference details at http://www.climigration.eu

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