No More UK Work Visa Available this June

All UK general work visas available for June have been allocated for the first time.

Credits. Photograph: Christopher Thomond/Guardian
Credits. Photograph: Christopher Thomond/Guardian

This week, the Home Office announced it reached the limit of Tier 2 work visas available monthly. This means that there will be no more application accepted and so no other Tier 2 work visa granted for the month of June to non-EU nationals – this only applies to visa applications made under “restricted CoS”. Non-EU nationals already employed via the tier 2 general visa route and renewing it are not affected by this cap.

From BBC sources and immigration experts contacted by Migreat, applications have been refused even though they were meeting the requirements because of the cap. The applications that were refused include applications from non-EU skilled nurses and doctors as well as skilled workers paid below 48k. However, it seems no applications from skilled migrants working in jobs in shortages (for which the UK is lacking a local pool of talent) were refused. Applications from skilled workers paid more than 150,000 pds annually are exempted from the cap.

Davina Fernandes solicitor at Magrath LLP contacted on the topic suggested that refused applications should consider applying again next month. This is because “they [the Home Office] is likely to receive the same volume and those whose salaries are in the lower threshold are likely to have the same problems next month. It goes shortage occupation, PhD codes, salaries. The lower down you are salary wise, the more likely it will be refused if they are oversubscribed next month too.”

The home office has yet to communicate officially on this – on how it selects which applications are refused. It is the first time the cap is reached, four years after being implemented. Will the UK immigration system start following a similar pattern as of the US immigration system for which the ones sending their application early and lucky enough to be treated first improve their chances to be granted a work visa? From Recruiter sources, the Home Office has confirmed rejecting specific applications.

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