A start-up Visa in France

France launched on wednesday a Startup Visa called the French Tech Ticket – a full package for entrepreneurs from all over the world willing to set up their startup in Paris.

Map Startup VIsa May 2015 (1)
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What’s the programme?

The Programme targets entrepreneurs who may or may not already have a business in France, and who are, for example, completing their education and looking to create a startup. Teams must comprise one to three founding members, and a maximum of one French person per team.

The program provides

  1. Funding of €12,500 for 6 months, renewable so to give a year funding of a EUR 25K total to each team member.
  2. Free space in a partner incubator. What you find in spaces as such is access to training session, dedicated network and mentors to support a start-up growth.
  3. FrenchTech event access
  4. A Help Desk to provide assistance with red tape; and god knows how it can be useful in France.
  5. On top of things – and so so french: you get lower prices on Air France flights, a Gold loyalty card and advertising for the startup via Air France!

So what are you waiting for to apply? And who should apply?

Any entrepreneur with a scalable or innovative idea is welcomed in the programme – with a team of three people maximum and willing to give Paris incubator a try for six to a year.

Startup Visa France Incubators

Applications opened in June online with a questionnaire and a video pitch to submit. They close by end of September when a videoconference with selected applicants will be interviewed to develop the idea of the project. The final selection will be made by a committee comprising members of the French Tech Initiative, the Paris City Council, Bpifrance, Business France, the Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE), partner incubators and leading personalities of the tech & entrepreneurship scene.

The application process is now closed for 2015. Read more in our latest blog post on the next stages for successful applicants.

Paris entrepreneurial hub assets and strengths

France eco-system has grown over the years to be a significant player on the world map of start-up eco-systems: there are over 40 business incubators, 80 co-working spaces, 20 fab labs,  and close to 1,500 startups being set up annually. It has made itself famous thanks to the success stories of Critéo, Blablacar and Sarenza. A 33,000m2 incubator space, la Halle Freyssinet will open in November this year in the centre of Paris.

Interested in launching a start-up in Europe?

If the french programme still does not attract you – there are many more countries looking to attract entrepreneurs. They are all listed in one Startup Visa infographic and you can get the details of the program by downloading our report Open Borders to Entrepreneurs.

21 thoughts on “A start-up Visa in France”

  1. Hello! Read an article, need more information. Can yoy give me name and contacts of a person responsible for it? Asked in twitter, bit they redirected me here. Thanks


    1. Hi Julia,

      What are your questions? Migreat is a platform for people with visa questions. The forum is made of immigration experts. I suggest you ask your question there if it is related to visa and immigration.

      If related to the startup visa, then maybe i can help?


    1. Hello!
      Thanks for answer! The situation is as follows:
      I work in Russian company and we’ve launched some projects with french companies so far. My director wants to participate in this one, but asks if there is a french-speaking person to contact directly? She doesn’t speak English. I think we need kind of a list of required papers and address to send them in order to participate.
      Thank you, Josephine.


      1. I see! I am a french speaking national if that can help. Good luck otherwise. I have been trying to contact the guys behind frenchtech in the past and it has been difficult to get through.


    1. Hi Julia, Happy to help where I can but I don’t think I am the relevant person in that case – I am an expert on startup visa worldwide, and comparing them. I think Frenchtech people are more relevant for technical questions especially because: The programme is just launched as of this morning and it is the first time they are running it 🙂 I could repeat to you the guidelines that are online, but won’t be able to tell you about the practicalities since the visa has never been issued before 🙂 Let me know what you think. Also, you can apply here as of this morning: http://www.frenchtechticket.paris/2/apply


    1. Thanks a lot for your cooperation, I’ll send a link to my Director and she’ll ask. Also, appliance link is very useful for us.
      Thank you, Josephine, and have a nice day.


  2. Hi, Which is the country without the most regulations and red tape. I am not talking about towards employees. You have to look after your staff and treat them well. They are the most important part of your business. Also a country where the employees are a 100 percent trustworthy and unlike the UK where they just waste time on the job. With open minds as well.


  3. Hello, Josephine!
    We would like to participate at this programme. What should we do for this? Where we should send an application form?


    1. Hi Zubair, yes you can apply no matter what your nationality. What matters is that you have a great idea that qualifies to the French Startup visa criterias.

      Unfortunately, the application process is now closed. You will have to wait for next year to apply.

      Hope that helps,


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