Indian students can stay work for two years after graduation in France

Indian students in France will enjoy a special two-year residence permit after graduation to enable them to stay and look for work.

Modhi Hollande French Student VIsa

The agreement was announced by President Francois Hollande and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this April 2015 in Paris. The post-study work visa will be available for indian students graduating from a french institution only.

This post-study work visa is likely to raise the number of Indian students applying to study in France; as it did for Germany when it announced a 18 months post study visa for all its international students.

It make Frances a more attractive destination to those International graduate students that contracted a loan to study abroad as they will have the chance to repay it by working after graduation. There are currently 2,600 Indian students in France.

Indian students usually choose the UK as their first destination for abroad study among all countries in Europe. However, the recent removal of the option for UK international students to stay after graduation (the closure of the PSW route)  has had dramatic direct impact on numbers of applicants to UK Universities. Indeed, the UK experienced a straight 49% drop of applications from Indian students a year later. 

The French Government latest decision on making it easy for Indian students to come study and look for work in France is likely to have a positive impact to raise the profile of France as a destination country instead of the UK. France’s Universities are also much cheaper on average than UK ones.

Also, France will implement expedited 48-hour visa issuance for Indian tourists.

The two-year permit visa and new fast tracked tourist visas will not have an immediate impact on students, but it may affect prospective students’ decision about where to study in the long run – and help students currently in France easily bring their family for vacations or family tourism.

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