FACE IT 2015 – Photographs of people that make up the immigration debate in the UK

A photographic project by Ben McMillan wants to give a human face to the immigration debate.

Afghani Driver LondonBefore you go to vote today, make sure you scroll down the beautiful portraits of FACE IT 2015 –  perhaps the most thought provoking projects addressing the immigration debate in a non-partisan fashion.

FACE IT 2015 – is a series of portraits by photographer Ben McMillan gathering a visual cross-section of the people who make up the immigration debate. From all walks of life, and all levels of society: Boris Johnson portraits comes side by side to a UKIP representative, himself followed by an Afghani London taxi driver.

The photograph used of the same spotlight and lens to shoot each of these individuals. Each have a unique opinion on immigration to the UK. The result is stunning – with the finish of a glam advertisement for a luxury brand. What’s more it puts everyone on an equal footing: each opinion is respected.

Boris Johnson Immigration PortraitThe project is neither profit making nor a party-political exercise. Instead, it is made up of individual portraits being shot right now in and around London so to calm and give a human face to the central social debate of immigration.

Share with friends and go vote today. Follow the project on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

2 thoughts on “FACE IT 2015 – Photographs of people that make up the immigration debate in the UK”

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