UK visa and immigration made easy (to navigate)

Ever dreamt of one direct simple answer to the question “which visa do I need to enter and stay the UK? is the answer, and the below infographic is a great illustration of how Migreat can assist in making it easier for you to navigate the complex and difficult UK immigration process.

UK visa options February 2015

This infographic summarizes the entire UK Visa system: all of the UK visa categories, the main purposes you can obtain a visa with, and the various lengths of stay they can provide.

Our team has spent a lot of time and focused on the details to get it right debating questions such as:

  • Shall we make the work permit a tube stop or a train station – as it’s not the same as a visa?
  • What about putting a bus stop at each station for dependent visas, since they depend on another person’s visa?
  • What do we do with people that still have a visa from a category that no longer exists? (We chose to cross them off as if they were a station currently under renovation.)

Closed routes UK visa’s mission is to make information on immigration easy to access and understand for all migrants – no matter what language or education background. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s also a fact that pictures can break through language barriers and offer new ways of visualizing complexity.

Don’t worry if you get a little lost at first, it may take a few tries to figure out how the map works. Just like the UK immigration system, we don’t expect everyone to find their path at first  – it is a complex immigration system after all. You might also find the experience reading it similar to the first time you tried to read the map of the London metro.

Key Uk visa map

We have provided a guide (key) and once you get it, the graphic should become easy to use to your advantage. So take your time and find out which visa options you might be able to migrate to the UK with – and if you’re having trouble, don’t hesitate to tweet us @migreat.

Once you think you’ve identified a route, you’ll want to have a look for the requirements of the visa on and try out the visa wizard to get a personalized assessment of your potential eligibility for a UK visa. The Migreat Visa Wizard will give you a personalised list of the documents required to apply.

Share the infographic with many (because sharing is caring), and tell us if you like it with a like on Facebook. If you do use this infographic for a publication, please do see our guidelines (mention and link to us please!). We hope to receive requests from people asking us to translate the stops into Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, etc, (we’ll do it if you ask nicely).

Visa information for the United Kingdom has never been so easy to find; after all, it is our mission at Migreat to make it easy for you to migrate to the UK, and also to France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Watchout for more infographics on here 🙂

9 thoughts on “UK visa and immigration made easy (to navigate)”

  1. Hello
    Currently we hold graduate entrepreneur visa but there is not clear requirements for second extension can you please clear followings
    1.salary of 2 full time employee will be deducted from 50,000 investment or not ?
    2. Do we need to keep records of all 3 year period or just last 3 months
    3. Two employees must be uk residence or indefinite leave to remain is same thing ?
    4.any possibility that dependents of entrepreneurs can change their category mean student or work permit or not ?
    5.which documents we need to produce while extension of second time ?
    6 two number 12 months full time employee should be continuous 12 months or can be sufficient gap in duration mean 6-6 months 4 employee or must be Uk residence
    Kind Regards,


  2. Hi ..
    Just Read ur article that non european member do not need visa to enter
    Well Am indian citizen holder Living In Italy Frm Past 8 Years I Have Perment Residence Card in Italian We Call (CARTA DI SOGGIORNO ILLIMITATA) so How many days or month i can stay in uk ?? The visa or stay they stamp on my passport when i arrived at the airport ??
    And Another Thing Do Ur Company Help To get work permit fr canada or uk


    1. HI Sarbinder, Glad you ask. This is a really good questions – and we wrote about this

      I suggest you ask your question to an immigration expert on to get more info. ttps://

      If you want to explore your your options and rights in various countries of Europe, i would suggest you play with Migreat visa tool available on

      Hope that helps


  3. i have a girlfriend from the Philippines wanting to come to England and be my wife but she seems to have nothing but problems ….i have sent all my details to her to show the Embassy and still no luck….help me please


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