What the world thinks of Romania

Georgiana, Community Manager at Migreat asks a very simple question – What is a Romanian? – that most people can’t get right or just an answer to. 

Brasov - Lonely Planet voted the city a top destination in 2015
Brasov – Lonely Planet voted the city a top destination in 2015

What the world thinks of Romania

An ex-communist country, now finding its way into democracy, governed by corrupt politicians.

They speak russian, and the capital city is called Budapest.

They have beautiful women, and most hackers come from Romania.

Romanians are in fact Roma people.

Dracula lays at the origins of this nation, so watch out for vampires when you find yourself near romanians.

While outside their country, romanians will suck Europe’s benefit system dry. They are all vampires after all.

Watch your pockets, they are natural-born thieves. Vampires and gypsies, a deadly combination.

They can’t wait to trade their nationality for yours. Who wants to be romanian when you can be british, french, german…

Roma people by Caritas Alba Iulia & Fabian Weiss
Roma people by Caritas Alba Iulia & Fabian Weiss

Let’s get things straight

We are an ex communist country, recently converted into democracy, and trying to fix the corruption problem.

We actually don’t speak russian, we don’t even have the same alphabet. We have in fact a latin language with some slavic influences. Not to mention that our capital city is BUCHAREST.

We have beautiful women, and probably most hackers do come from Romania.

Romanians and Rroma are of different ethnicity. Romania happens to have a big group of Roma people living on its territory for a long time.

Dracula, or Vlad Țepeș for his other name, is not the father of all romanians, and we are not really vampires. Or, at least not more than any other human on this planet. If you know what I mean.

Romania doesn’t have a ‘social benefits’ culture, which makes it somehow surreal for them to come to a European country with this goal in mind.

Romanians are not gypsies, and being a gypsy doesn’t automatically make you a thief. A thief is a thief, no matter what nationality.

Not many know that a romanian passport opens the doors of no less than 141 countries in the world. So why would a holder of such passport want to trade it for another just as good?!

Mind my words, you will meet one day a romanian who might prove you wrong.

Romanian advert about Kate and Pippa MiddletonLiked what you read? Read more from Georgiana on Migreat for Romanians.


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