Finding it hard to get a sponsored job after graduation? NUS wants to hear from you

International students: NUS wants to hear your experiences of work, during and after graduation.

international home office 559x209
NUS Campaigns for International Students. Photo Credits NUS

It is a tough time for International students in the UK because of current immigration rules. Most spend tens of thousands of pounds on a UK degree, are restricted on work they can take during study, and ultimately are given a handful months to find and convince an employer to sponsor their work visa after graduating.

Tough times

NUS is currently working at finding a way out of this situation. NUS would like to get a Post Study Work visa back – joining a call made earlier by Lord Bilimoria and voiced by several Students Unions across the UK – among which some decided to simple become sponsors employers themselves!


Solutions for International Students

Nevertheless, current work visas solutions exist (click here to learn about the 5 post-graduation visa options outside of the tier 2 work visa). If interested in an internship, temporary work or starting a business, the UK has options for graduates that enables non-EU students to stay for a period of at least a year to two years.

Yet, it is tough for students to access that information and be supported in the process. These lesser known specific visas are less straightforward than sponsored visas.

Join the campaign! 

The NUS is calling on International students to participate actively to the campaign by sharing their story here to bring more evidence that the UK needs more flexible work visa rules for International students. This campaign is aimed at discussing a return of the PSW.

Meanwhile, Migreat will continue assist non-EU migrants by providing personalised free and online information.

Check you visa options after graduation online using Migreat Visa Finder tool and share this article with all international students struggling with visas you know.



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