Migrant Media Opportunity by Migrant Voice

Only one in 8 migration stories in the UK media quotes a migrant. This is the disturbing conclusions of a research led by Migrant Voice, a UK migrant-led organisation set up to combat the lack of representation of migrants in the Media, and currently recruiting migrant “spokespeople”.

Migrants Voice

The research

According to the Transatlantic Trends 2013 report – within the EU – the UK has the highest level of people viewing immigration as a problem (64%). Number of race hate crimes has risen in the last year, according to the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants.

Yet Migrant Voice recent research shows that migrants are rarely quoted in news stories on migration. Migrant Voice analysed 577 online news stories relating to migration over an 11 week period from January to April 2014, from sources including the BBC, ITV, SKY news, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Sun, The Evening Standard, and The Guardian.

From the overall data available, migrants’ views are systematically invisible or ignored when it comes to addressing most news stories affecting migrants or about immigration.

Headlines on UK Immigrants by express

A UK Political Debate

Migration continues to be high on the news agenda. Politicians attack one another with tougher policies. Migration in the mainstream media is presented as a burden on the country.

Migrant voices are absent from this conversation. The Guardian wrote about this in a story about how the daily Mail escaped censure for its false immigration story last year.

In a move to raise visibility of the issue, Migrant Voice is currently building a group of migrant ‘spokespeople’. It aims to make the immigration debate more inclusive of migrants.


if you are interested in supporting and participating to the call, Migrant Voice is looking to hear from you.

Send a simple paragraph by email about yourself: country of origin, how long you have been in the UK, your profession, you interests and experience you would like to talk about.

Your anonymity matters, and Migrant Voice will ensure to protect your identity if you prefer to speak under a nickname.

Migrant Voice is receiving applications until the 12th of February by emailing anne(at)migrantvoice(dot)org


Migrant Voice which was set up in 2010 to address the lack of migrant voices in the immigration debate, wants to train participants to engage with the media in areas they are experts on and/or to talk about their own personal experience.

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