Countries accepting entrepreneurs in 2015

Many more countries are joining the list of countries with specific immigration and tax policies targeted at entrepreneurs. Here is an updated list for 2015 – that will make global global entrepreneurs think twice about heading to the US first. [Last edited June 2015]

Click on the image to enlarge. If you want to use this infographic image to illustrate an article, please do by linking to the original article with the text
Click on the image to enlarge. If you want to use this infographic image to illustrate an article, please do by linking to the original article with the text

From the cheapest to the most expensive Entrepreneur visa application

Most Entrepreneur visa schemes ask for entrepreneurs to show investments in the range of $40,000 to $100,000. Lucky are the successful applicant to the Chilean and French Entrepreneur Visa: with the visa comes a grants of 20 million pesos (approx $35K) and EUR 12,5K (approx $14K) per applicant respectively provided by each country government.

Which countries have the easiest Entrepreneur Visa process? 

It is difficult to say, as rules are not always matching reality.

On paper, the Italian, Dutch and Spanish visa look very attractive. Both countries promise a quick processing turnaround (30 days maximum). In Spain, all documentations submitted have to be translated in Spanish. In Italy, the application is reduce to the strict minimum: sending electronically a CV and filling out an online application form. The application form can be filled in English.

Entrepreneur visas with a specific advantage

Canada’s Startup visa provides permanent residency. It is the only visa among all to do so. Ireland Innovative Startup visa is the only one flexible in the time allowed to entrepreneurs to prove their business and achieve the renewal requirements in terms of job created and revenue generated. It also has a flexible immigration system that makes it easy and simple for start-up to hire foreigners. New Zealand Entrepreneur Work visa offers a two steps visa: more time for entrepreneurs to get settle and start their business in the country, with good support from the Government. France offers lower price on Air France flights – and special promotion from Air France. Interesting… !

What are other advantages of these visas I should know? 

Most visas are easier to get if you have been accepted in an accelerator. It  is especially true for Startup Chile, Canada and the UK. In Italy, the startup visa route is not only simplified but after entering Italy you and your innovative start-up will also benefit from a range of tax and labour regulation benefits:

– Fail fast policy

– Access to crowd-funding

– Special taxation on start-ups that are favourable to investors

The full list of benefits can be found here.


Download Migreat’s start-up visa report to get the full list and details of countries welcoming entrepreneurs.

Have questions regarding the visa process in Europe? Ask Migreat’s experts!

8 thoughts on “Countries accepting entrepreneurs in 2015”

  1. Is it easy to apply for New Zealand, i thought we need to score 120 points for Entrepreneur visa. I am interested in this program


  2. Is there anymore information on the Spanish Visa, Im currently in Spain but not sure how to apply and where. i have looked on the website and this page here seems to have the most information



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