Top 5 immigration good news for 2015

Looking back and moving forward: here is a list of the seven good news expected to happen in 2015 that will make it easier to move abroad for many. And if you have any questions about work, study and family visas to Europe, ask Migreat directly.

Champs Elysee

Immigration has become a growing centre of attention this year again, sadly not always for good news. Though no need to contribute to more negativity.

Instead, let’s cheer up with a fresh and positive look at what is on the immigration agenda for 2015 in Europe and the US – and get you excited about immigration for the new year.

1. Five million undocumented migrants come out of the shadow in the US!

Obama announced it last November, 2015 is the year undocumented migrants living in the US will be granted temporary visas.

obama immigration reformThe measure to be implemented as soon as January 2015 should lead to the regularisation of status of up to five million immigrants currently living in the US and that have been living for the last five years in the US.

It does not apply to criminals, recent and future undocumented immigrants. It is yet to be known if that can lead to the switch to a longer term visa also known as green card.

It is a major change in the life of millions of people that so far were probably forced to take up jobs they did not liked, could not claim rights in the US and be protected by civil laws, and most of the time could not access university education.

2. Easier immigration system for STEM students, Exceptional talents and Entrepreneurs to the US and the US. 

US Entrepreneurs and STEM Students

The US is catching up with the UK to attract talented individuals in digital technology with more flexible and easier immigration rules applying to them.

Vo7YbYQQ8iyOo4J9bOoj_ggb24Obama announced a streamlined process for foreign entrepreneurs to come and start businesses in the US. Details are yet to be confirmed and it is not yet possible to say if it will be similar to startup and entrepreneur visas existing in other countries worldwide. If it were to be, the US might win the heart of many migrant entrepreneurs facing difficulties in Europe with immigration rules.

Obama also announced that he will extend the period a student enrolled on STEM courses can stay after they graduated. The measure would allow such students to stay 29 months, that is 11 months more than other students so they can work at startups.

If you are interested in other Entrepreneur visa opportunities available worldwide outside the US, Migreat released a report of the best entrepreneur visas – that got the attention of Forbes magazine 🙂

UK Exceptional Talent Visa

The UK Government launched an exceptional talent visa for individuals gifted in digital and tech this year. It is yet to be proven that it can get traction and attract such talents. Numbers of applicants are below the 20 each year. Let’s see if the cap of 200 will be hit this time.

Overall the US and the UK will compete again next year to attract entrepreneurs and technologically savvy migrants in the aim to foster innovation, create jobs and adds wealth to their respective economies. Let’s hope these measures will give more space in the media for a bigger recognition of the positive contribution made by migrants to the economy, and how immigration is benefitting us all.

3. The year of Chinese and Indian Migrants? 

Chinese and Indian nationals are sought after migrants in 2015 from major European countries. They will benefit from exclusive visa application system reforms and special work training schemes that were already started this year as pilots in the UK, France and Germany.

The number of Chinese migrants has grown dramatically over the years.

Chinese migrants to Europe
“Only fools and European travel”. Old Chinese Saying proven wrong.

The UK implemented the 24 hours Super Priority Visa service to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and aligned UK visa application form with the Schengen form. Also, it introduced a streamlined visa process for Chinese companies representatives to get their visa faster.

All of this in a coordinated effort to make it easier for Chinese visitors to come to the UK and attract Chinese business investments.

France – which celebrated this year the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and China – has shorten the time of application process for Chinese visitor to 48H this year and simplified application document requirements.

Germany plans to do similarly a shortening of visa application processes from five days to 48H for Chinese visitors as well as open six more application centres in major Chinese cities.

Most of European countries are complementing these measures towards Chinese visitors with marketing and touristic campaigns. Lately, UK’s national tourism agency launched the Great Naming Campaign – Great Chinese Names for Great Britain –  a campaign that invites Chinese nationals to think of Chinese names for the 101 suggested points of interest and submit them on their site.

Indian migrants and its young skilled workforce is very demanded too

Two indian professionals
“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” The Buddha

The UK via its UK Business Secretary, Vince Cable, is putting £1.5m towards 400 scholarships for Indian engineering and IT students who want to study in the UK.

Along new and more opportunities for indian students to get scholarships to finance their UK studies, the UK announced an ambitious fund – the Newton-Bhabha Fund – to foster research and innovation between India and the UK. 100 million pounds have been put forward by the UK and India that will fund a joint PhD student mobility programme starting from March 2015.

A step further, German companies are actively recruiting skilled indian workers. Germany made changes to its immigration legal framework this year to allow people from developing countries join its workforce; and launched an online campaign to make work opportunities in Germany more accessible to Indian workers.

Finally, France fixed the ambitious objective of raising the number of Indian students in France by 50% in the coming five years. It has resulted in measures to facilitate the issuance of visas for Indian students and for them to stay two more years after graduation to find work, the creation of a “France-India network” made of french companies looking to recruit indian nationals in France, and more french scholarships offered to Indian nationals.

A quick conclusion would be that Chinese and Indians are the “coolest” migrants of 2015. And indeed, Chinese and Indian nationals are the two first nationalities selected that will benefit in 2015 from the new joint visa scheme signed between Ireland and the UK in October 2014 – meaning that Chinese and indians visitors will be able to travel to UK and Ireland on one same visa.

Cool or not, it is definitely a sign that the two emerging superpowers are being considered by European countries as essential economic partners to invest in today in order to prepare the future.

4. University is Free in Germany

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Well, you might consider it for 2015 to save money while investing in education. In 2014, the German University system has officially become free of fees and this applies also for International Students.


The news comes at the same time as the German Government announces that it wants to attract more international students, from 280,000 in the year ending 2013 to 330,000 by 2020 .

Germany has created an immigration system for students that allows them to stay 18 months after graduating, and statistics are confirming this has supported international students employment: 68% of them find a full-time job in Germany after graduation.

In the year 2014 ending, one out of ten students in Germany is from abroad. It is maybe time for you to reconsider how much studying abroad can give you, more than cost you.

5. London and Germany open their doors to migrants to work in startups

Migreat is excited to say that it has partnered this year with leading European Startup accelerators and startup programs to support entrepreneurs and talented migrants move and work in Europe.

A startup Institute Class
A startup Institute Class

So far, so good: migreat offers its partners a simple assistance and further support for their students and applicants with immigration status and application. The feedback from migrants at our partner’s organisations has been excellent as one can judge from the following received a little before Christmas:

I received a job offer a few days before my student visa expired. With very little time to prepare my Tier 2 visa application, I was quite relieved to find out about Migreat’s services.

The people at migreat were very approachable and proactive in helping me to source information, getting my questions out to a lawyer, and even following up with me to make sure everything was alright. I would readily recommend Migreat to anyone else in a similar situation! – Ethel, Makers Academy Student, November 2014.

We officially partner with accelerators such as Emerge Lab, Oxygen Accelerator and with innovative schools like Startup Institute and Makers Academy.

We are excited at Migreat, and quite looking forward to multiply partnerships with similar other institutions in 2015 to make immigration easier for individuals accepted at startup accelerators and training programs in Europe and the US.


And you, what are you excited about for 2015 and what do you have planned that contributes to make the world more open? What do you wish to see happening in immigration worldwide?

Share with us the good news and vibes on twitter @Migreat or Facebook. Follow @Migreat on Twitter to read latest news and data on immigration worldwide.

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  1. Hi sir or mam I am Indian citizen and now I am planning to go France in paris for study in master in hotel management for 15 months course my question is after finished my study visa how long I will be get extended visa in France I heard our prime minister mr narender modi he went to france this year 2015 and he had talk about extended visa indian students can stay another two years is that right plz give me all information thanks


    1. Hello Brijesh,

      Good questions! You actually can stay after your studies in France for at least 12 months to look for work. You can also work during your studies no matter what is your nationality.

      You can find more information about this here:

      Now you are right! As an indian national you are allowed to stay two years in France after studying 🙂

      If you have any other questions, let me know!
      I hope that helps!!


  2. Hi mam
    i want to ask what i have to do to get a citizenship in other words powerful 2nd passport
    and what countries that gonna be easy for me as Egyptian , what are the procedures and how long will it take


    1. Hi Sherif, to obtain citizenship and a second passport in a country you will have to invest a large sum of money and spend some time in the country. There is a whole article about countries offering this opportunity on this blog. They are listed by the amount of money you will need to invest in the country and give information on how long you have to reside in. I suggest you read it.

      I hope that helps


      1. Thanks for your quick reply
        however the economic immigration is not my aim that because it’s too costly
        i prefer spending a few years in a powerful country for work and within this period i got its citizenship


  3. Hi mam my question is mam if I go for master course in paris France for hotel management so after finish my study do I will get 5 years extended visa or not and mam other thing is after finish study easy to get job in paris or mam if I stay continue 5 years in France do I will get permanent residence in France plz and thanks


  4. Dear Josephine,

    appreciate if you please could advise how’s the Professional workers can apply to Germany – since i am planing to move to Australia. and what the level i should speak Germany



  5. Hi I am interested in startup enterpaner visa in eu , I have finished my graduation in uk 2013and I finish my PGD 2015 .now I am doing my msc in bpp university uk . I can invest €50000. Can any one help me for right way ? Thanks.


  6. Hi I am an Italian I want to know how do I migrate to Denmark and what documents do I need to have and is the procedure to leave in Denmark


    1. Hi Anokye, Migreat does not yet deals with migration to Denmark. This said, because Denmark is part of the EU you should be able to access the country without the need for a visa as an Italian national, and so able to live there without legal issues. Hope that helps,


  7. Thanks for this information. It’s really helpful. I am citizen of Bangladeshi. Now I live in south korea as a Cnc mill worker. In fact I want to live in Europe but I have no much money or higher academic qualification. I wish if I could do that.


  8. Hey Josephine I have a quick question and I hope you may help me 🙂 im a 26 years old idividual I have my university degree and I would live to immigrate to any country that might offer me a job… I currently live
    In Lebanon and I’m Lebanese… Is it possible that you might assist me ?? Thank you so much for your reply 🙂


    1. Hi Rabih,

      Your question is quick perhaps but it requires a long long long answer. Because finding a work in Europe from abroad is a long and difficult process!

      First piece of advice: I would suggest you look for jobs related to what you studied.

      Second advice, know that employers will want to meet you before making a decision to hire you. But because you can’t apply for a work visa until you get the job offer that means you will have to apply for a lot of jobs, come on a tourist visa to attend interviews if you can all have them at the same period of time. This means a lot of costs and uncertainty. Be prepared.

      Thirdly and finally, I strongly suggest you go read Migreat Guides. Migreat community managers have written articles how to get a job from abroad. Read it, ask them questions and explore each city we have on London, Milan, Berlin, Paris and Madrid.

      Arab community in London:
      Arab community in Milan:
      Arab community in Paris:

      Hope that helps,


      1. Thank you so much for your reply if I may ask another question do you or do you know someone who can provide any sort of consultancy ? Or some sort of advisor ??


      2. Rabih,

        This is the whole purpose and mission of Migreat website: to provide you with advice and answers. Please do ask on all your questions to our community mangers. They are the best advisors.

        Let me know if that helps


      3. thank you again for your reply, I would like to ask you how can I find an employer who can provide a sponsorship ? is there any kind of recruitment agencies that may help me do that ? and another question, we have here in Lebanon a company that sends people to get a training program for a year so in the USA the company is American Hospitality Academy. I tried to search for something like that for the UK but It fruitful. do you know if such thing exists but for the UK ?
        Thank you again


  9. Hi josephine,
    Is there a possibility for a mexican to apply for study in Germany and at the same time get a visa to take his family with him?

    Wich could be a better opportunnity country for mexican people?



    1. Hi Edgar, really good question. The answer is given by migreat visa wizard 🙂 just go on : and click germany. Then use the wizard as a mexican national and try the different combination. Do use it in spanish if it is easier for you. Please do let me know how you go along using this online wizard tool. We built it for you and we want it to work the best to answer your visa questions! 🙂 looking forward to hearing from you, j.


  10. hi josephine
    i am mihir and i am from india
    i have completed my bachelors and now i am planning to apply for masters (supply chain/marketing/international business)
    i have considered few countries (germany,netherlands,france,canada)
    in germany education is free
    you get 18 months time to look for job
    cost of living is approx. 600-700 euro
    this is my first priority

    in netherlands fees is around 10000 euros
    cost of living is 1000 euros
    we get 1 years time
    salary criteria is also present for non europeans (26000 euro p.a)

    france, fees is almost same
    slightly less expensive or maybe equally
    according to recent changes we get 2 years
    but unemployment rate is very high

    by looking at this data every one will say go for germany
    even i also think that
    but i don’t have any practical knowledge about these places

    it’s ok that education is free in germany and cost of living is also lower than other wester euro. countries but how is the job market
    what i mean to say is maybe germany is much cheaper but chance of me getting hired is higher in netherlands or france
    definitely funds are issue but not at the cost of job prospect
    i wan’t to go germany because of tution free universities but i don’t
    know what are my chances

    people say that dutch people are very open minded and the enviroment is very international it means you will have better chances in holland than gemany or france
    friends say dutch are very accepting people whereas french are very closed and i fear that this will also be the case in hiring foreigners

    i request you to please suggest me which country to opt
    among germany, holland ,france and canada
    my priority will be gemany but if the job market is not very promising then i might change my mind (if you don’t have any idea of canada then no problem please try helping me out for rest three)

    also which country in europe has best student life
    everybody says uk but that is not my option because of very strict immigration policies
    my senior is working in belgium basically he is doing phd
    he says people are not very social like americans
    it,s hard to make friends and nightlife is also much better in uk
    belgium is very boring
    he says continental europeans are not much into partying
    but i don’t beleive him

    please try also suggesting which is more happening place
    i wan’t to enjoy my student life too
    i don’t want to feel like heidi living in swiss mountain village
    i hope you understand what i am trying to say

    i don’t want to settle down permanently but i would like to work for few yours after finishing my course

    your name sounds french so if you can tell me anything about real
    situation in france if not anywhere else

    sorry to make this post too long and inconvinient
    but i am waiting for you…….. (to reply)


    1. Hi Mihir, thanks for all these details 🙂 i think the best person to answer your questions is Migreat South Asian community manager Priya. She is helping south asian get a real idea of what life in europe is like.
      But to answer briefly your question, i think your best option is germany: germany is cheap, germany ia friendly to immigrants in term of visa and working as a student or graduate. Also, there are jobs to be filled in Germany. Plus, you want to enjoy nightlife: well berlin is one good place to enjoy parties and other places with international students like cologne are definitely friendly places for you. Thats it, thats my view. I dont think it is true but that is my advice. I do strongly suggest you ask Priya for more information. She is the expert on life in Europe as an indian 🙂

      I hope that helps Mihir,


  11. Hi Josephine, excellent web resource you have compiled here I am an asiduos user of all the blogs and visa wizards 🙂

    My question is related to my background: I am a physicist/researcher from South America and graduated with a PhD in the UK some years ago. Now, I have been searching for jobs in the UK for some months in the R&D/Engineering sector. However in order to apply for these positions the companies requiere me to be able to work in the UK already. As in general these companies do not provide a CoS because they say in general they cannot satisfy the resident labor market test. I have applied to many many of these companies and in general they requiere me to have the permission but without a job offer how can I get it? I actually did what you suggested in a previous question above and I visited the UK as tourist sending dozens of applications to as many companies as I could, even getting some interviews but in general my roadblock was my lack of work permit 😦
    The sector I am applying to is full of jobs with excellent salaries, I have lots of international experience so I consider myself as a very good candidate but do not have a work permit. So, how do people go about this conundrum? Maybe I am not looking into the right job agencies or advisors?

    Thanks a lot


    1. Hi Jose,

      In short, as you know to work in the UK you need to get a job offer that matches your profile from an employer that can sponsor you indeed.

      As you know, lots of people apply to jobs and you need to be particularly different and better than others.

      So my piece of advice for you is: search for jobs that are on the jobs in shortage list. Why? Because employers are in real need and trouble to find someone for the job, and that means you are more likely to get an offer. Also, it means the employer does not have to pass the 28days job advert test.

      I just made a search for you real quick. You are a physicist, but what kind? Are you a geophysicist or medical physicist? Those two jobs are on the job in shortage list.

      Secondly, when you get an offer, it is important you convince your employer of the benefits of getting a sponsorship licence to hire you and maybe other people. This means you need to know and tell your employer exactly how the process works. I wrote a blog post about how your employer can become a sponsor here:
      Read it and learn it by heart.

      Thirdly, what you can also do is to go through the sponsor employer list. There is a list of employers that can sponsor in the uk. Apply to the company that are fitting your profile and industry – and be relevant.

      Lastly, did you ask Migreat for latinos to help you out? You should! Either via twitter @migreatLA or via migreat website the community of latinos will guide you through your job search and how most do. Also our community manager Bea will be able to answer your further questions.

      Jose, i hope that helps. I cant do more. Search, do your work and come back to me with a smiley to say that you have successfully managed to find a job that can be sponsored.

      Good Luck!


      1. Dear Josephine, thanks a lot for all the tips and advice I will focus my search as you suggest, it takes a lot of effort and know how. Meanwhile, I leve you a smiley face for the great service of Migreat and your recent nomination as #35Under35 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  12. Hello Josephine,

    I am a non EU citizen, residing in Italy since last 7 years.

    I hold an EC permanent residence permit (Italian), it offers me unlimited possibilties as far as work activities and living on the national territory is concerned plus visa free travel into schengen countries etc

    I would like to know, can an EC permanent residence permit holder apply for EU Blue card if he gets a job offer in another EU country, say Germany?

    Thanks and Regards


    1. Hello Awais,

      I am not an immigration expert but i dont see it as a problem. What is important is you register on the EU blue card scheme and find a highly skilled job.

      Please do let me know if you are looking to apply and want to speak with an immigration lawyer about it.

      Hope that helps,


  13. Hi Josephine,

    This is Jayanta Karmakar, founder of Appsbee Technology Pvt. Ltd., a technology startup in India and we have started to operate in Utah, USA from last winter. Its a 55+ people company now with steady growth both in terms of financials and man-power. Due to stringent visa rules, I am having to travel to USA twice a year in business visa but that does not allow me to stay in longer term even though most of my customers are in USA. That is costing me highly and kinda bottle-neck of our growth. I dont know in near future if USA will think of any start-up visa.

    I am planning to expand my business in Europe from the starting of 2016 and want to move there, if possible. I have heard of different
    startup visa options but not sure which country is most business friendly (have better tax rules) and easy to migrate to. I found Ireland is giving some visa to the entrepreneurs that costs $75000 or something. I can be interested in that option too if it worths expanding in Ireland. I need suggestion and help.

    Please let me know.



    1. Hi Jay, indeed ireland might be the best option for you at this point. Do you want to be connected to an immigration solicitor expert in visa for CEO? I am happy to connect you with a great expert based in the UK to whom you can talk to. Please let me know and i will connect you by email.


      1. Yes please get me connected to an immigration solicitor expert in visa for CEO. I am planning for starting of 2016 but I think I should be starting the process from the winter to understand it better.

        Thanks for your cooperation. Please also ignore the latest comment that I posted. I mistakenly posted the same message twice. Feel free to delete one from the blog.



  14. Hi Josephine,

    This is Jayanta Karmakar, founder of Appsbee Technology Pvt. Ltd., a technology startup in India and we have started to operate in Utah, USA from last winter. Its a 55+ people company now with steady growth both in terms of financials and man-power. Due to stringent visa rules, I am having to travel to USA twice a year in business visa but that does not allow to stay in longer term even though most of my customers are in USA. That is costing me highly and kinda bottle-neck of our growth.

    I am planning to expand my business in Europe from the starting of 2016 and want to move there, if possible. I have heard of different
    startup visa options but not sure which country is most business friendly (have better tax rules) and easy to migrate to. I found Ireland is giving some visa to the entrepreneurs that costs $75000 or something. I can be interested in that option too if it worths expanding in Ireland. I need suggestion and help.

    Please let me know.



  15. Dear josephinegoube,

    Hi, I m Bilal from Pakistan. I have a bachelor degree in commerce and have more than 11 years of work experience in the field of banking. Currently working as Manager Operations Department. It would be very kind of u if u please help me out that which country’s immigration is easy and suitable for bankers. In which country there is demand of experienced bankers.

    I have read the whole blog, indeed u r giving ease to humanity. God bless u.

    Thanks in anticipation for ur cooperation n understanding.



  16. Hi,
    Would like to inquire about migrating to are the join prospects and what are the requirement for the work permit.


  17. Dear josephinegoube,

    I want to immigrate to any country and settle down there , can you tell me the best way i can immigrate spending less money (study/work), currently i am working as s/w for leading MNC company.



  18. Kindly suggest and guide regarding Best place/country for MD or residency in medicine/surgery, after completing MBBS in India.


  19. Hi Josephine,
    I am an indian citizen want to migrate to London. As the visa rules of UK gov. I must have CoS to get work visa. But the companies require me to be able to work in the UK already as they don’t provide any Sponsorship Certificate. And as an another change in work visa that immigrants must earn £35000 GBP.
    So is this a indirect way of uk gov. not to hire any non-eu citizen. And don’t let non-eu candidates work in UK. Coz it seems to be near to impossible as we have to get through above rules at the same time.
    Now is there any chances to make it possible to work in London. While not living there.



  20. Hi Josephine,
    I am an indian citizen want to migrate to London. As the visa rules of UK gov. I must have CoS to get work visa. But the companies require me to be able to work in the UK already as they don’t provide any Sponsorship Certificate. And as an another change in work visa that immigrants must earn £35000 GBP.
    It seems to be near to impossible Now.
    Is there any chances to make it possible to work in London?. While not living there.


    1. Shivam, read again the articles we posted. You can work in london and what you need is a company that can sponsor you for a job that pays well or a job that is on a job in shortage list. I would suggest you go on for south asians and ask guidance from there. The community of indians living in London can help most probably navigate information 🙂 hope that helps. Let me know if anything Shivam.


  21. Hi Josephinegoube
    i am living in pakistan and i have a MS/M.phill degree, Now i want to shift Europe. i want to get immigration, i have this degree in banking and Finance. kindly guide me which country is better for me, where i have a bright future. waiting for answer…… thanx


  22. Hi, I want immigrate outside India, I did my MBA from Wales University from UK in the year 2010 and after that I got PSW visa but i tried to extend or change my visa status, it was unsuccessful. Now i’m looking for any other country to live, work & settle. Please I’m seeking your advice. I got IELTS over all score 6 in this year 2015. Please advice


  23. Hi I m law graduate and doing my practice as lawyer in Pakistan .plz guide any country which is taking student without IELTS thanks


  24. Dear Josephine.

    I am Md. Shoaib Rahman from New Delhi. I have a Masters degree in Social Work and have close to 9 years of work experience in Social research sector. I just want to move out to a country where I can find some job from my field. can you suggest something…..


    1. Hi Shoaib,

      To move to a European country, you need to first find and be offered a job.

      It is sometimes easier to find and be offered a job if your skills are rare in the country. The immigration rules are also made easier to anyone offered a job for which skills are in shortage in the country.

      I suggest you two things first visit Migreat South Asian community website to discover job opportunities for South Asians in London, Milan, Cologne, and more cities.

      Second, use of migreat visa assistant to discover what are the requirements to get a work visa for each country in a few clicks.

      I hope that helps,


  25. Hello Josephine, i am from Mauritius and would like to move abroad. Which might be the best country for immigration? I am married and my husband and i would love to move abroad. Any suggestions ? Thanks 🙂


  26. Hi,
    I am a fresh graduate of a Nigerian university and of Nigerian nationality. I wish to know if the programmes in Germany are tuition fee free as well. I also wish to know if I can get grants over there to cover living costs because I can only afford so much


  27. Hi,
    I’m a fresh graduate from a Nigerian university. I am also of Nigerian nationality. I wish to know a masters degree program in Germany is tuition fee free as well. I also need information on scholarships, fellowships nd study grants which may cover my cost of living.
    Tiamiyu Hussein


  28. Reblogged this on Zimdev and commented:
    Here is a list of the seven goodthings happening in 2015 that will make it easier to move abroad for many. And if you have any questions about work, study and family visas to Europe,


  29. Hie, just wanted to ask. My son lives in Zimbabwe and doing his final A level exams. I need him to go to Germany university, he is very good in sciences. How do I go about, I live in UK at the moment.

    Are the any scholarships? Your help will be greatly appreciated!


    1. Dear Josephine.
      i wold like to immigrate to Germany i am from Egypt i work in bibliotheca alexandrina in Digitizing book .PL Z is that any way you can help me ?


      1. Dear Josephine.
        thank you for your concern, i want to immigrate to Germany with my wife and kids to find work and stay there


  30. Hello,
    I am new to this forum. I want to ask a question. I had been working in UK for more than 4 years and later filed extension application outside rules which got refused so I filed appeal but did not plead and came back to India. Later I filed student application to UK this year which was refused on ground of not being genuine student and again second time I filed student application which was refused on funds basis. So I filed third time Uk student application with proper funds as per rules but they again refused on not being genuine. I am very much saddened by this. Can you tell me which country can I apply now as I got UK refusals 3times from India and once inside UK. Can I apply to any country for student visa? Please help me. Thanks


    1. Hi Sunny,

      Very sorry to hear about your difficulties. Did you investigate the grounds on which your application was rejected? The selection process is extremely tough, the smallest mistake in the application can lead to a refusal. Make sure you don’t give up on your dream for the wrong reasons.
      There are other European countries that welcome international students, in this regard, check out this link.
      Hope this is helpful.


  31. Hi,sir or mam I’m from Afghanistan and I have been serving since 11years in afghan army and very soon I will quit my job due to security problem and I don’t want to go illegally to EU so what am I going to do to go from Afghanistan to Germany? Best regard


    1. Hi Shafiullah,

      You should apply for a visa that allows you to ask for refugee status if your life is threatened and you can prove it.
      Migreat team can connect you to a refugee immigration expert if you want – just email us at to request for immigration advice from our experts.

      Looking forward to hearing from you,


  32. Hello Josephine !!!

    Myself Abhishek and am from India. I am looking to migrate to Europe.
    I am graduate in chemical engineering and do have experience in oil & gas industry.

    I want to settle myself either in France or germany.

    kindly guide me !!

    Thanks a lot


  33. HI..
    i am indian and i dint give ielts ever. actually i have done my 4 years programme in English and i have also more than 3 years experience
    can i apply for work visa without ielts in germany, New Zealand and canada except gulf countries
    please giude me
    thanks in advanced


  34. Hi Josephine,

    Greetings from India!

    My wife is a Yoga teacher, and I am an experienced Business Analytics professional with an MBA from India. I have travelled for work projects to Ireland and Australia in the past on behalf of the organization I worked for. Now, we are interested in starting a new life in a new country. Initially we were thinking New Zealand or Australia. But now I’d like to ask you, based on our backgrounds, which countries would be the most willing (and most lucrative) to hire Indians with our qualifications? And can my wife come with me on a dependant visa, and find work there? Or do both of us need to get work visas independently and only then work there?

    And if you could also put me in touch with someone who could share info on how to go about finding a job through a dependable, trustworthy job search site abroad, while still in India, it would help.

    Thanks for your response,



  35. Hi Josephine,
    I heard that one need to have a block account worth of euro 8000 before applying for masters degree in Germany. Is it true? And what is the best option to apply for masters in German universities; through agent or direct contact with universities?


    1. Hi Supti,

      You are not far from the truth: for the visa you will need to show you have money on your bank account so you sustain yourself. It is important because Germany costs of living is not cheap – though it really depends on the city you will live in.
      This money is for the visa – not compulsory to show to the university.

      Agents are great at helping you make an informed decision. If you think you can fetch enough information online and want to get in touch directly with universities, why not? Go ahead and find out for yourself – it might take more time, but less money.


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