A Company of Migrants for Migrants : Migreat

For International Migrants Day, Migreat is celebrating migration around the world with a blog post a day.

Today, we celebrate our migrants and second-generation migrants team, who migrated and joined the Migreat startup project, through a brief company history and a new website team page.

The Migreat Street Marketing team during the Olympics of July-August 2012
The Migreat Street Marketing team during the Olympics of July-August 2012

Migrants did not come for the weather. 

Necessity is the mother of innovation. Migreat started out of the frustration of the Italian founder and entrepreneur, Marco Muccini, who helped immigrants in Italy transfer money home. He observed that a majority of them struggled not just in transferring money but also in obtaining safe legal status to live and secure the future of their families.

Hence, Migreat idea was born: an open platform for migrants to find easy access to visa, immigration and settlement advice from the community.


The online project officially started in 2012 in London at the same time of the Olympic Games. The team grew from 4 to a total of 18 people today with many more bloggers and freelancers based in the UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain. The majority of our staff share migrant origins.

Today, the platform is updated daily with local news by our community Managers coming from the same background as each community they support and take care of. More communities are added thanks to the joint efforts of our tech and business development team, under the consistent motto of “making migration easy”.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 16.18.52

Recently, Migreat created a team page illustrating our values and beliefs. Each single one of Migreat employees is represented by an object that they brought with them to London and that tells their migration story. A small note written by each employee explains why and how the object became a link and symbolic object of their move abroad and how it played a role in defining their migrant identity.

Migreat About us page
Migreat About us page

Meet and discover our team, who left (almost!) everything they had behind to come together and build the first open platform dedicated to solely migrant communities and migrants access to information.


Follow our blog, Facebook page and twitter and come along to our monthly workshops and events at the office. Happy International Migrants day All!

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