Global Migration Numbers Data and Infographics

For International Migrants Day, Migreat is taking on social media to celebrate migration and migrants all around the world with the #IAmAMigrant Hashtag. Today, we start with facts about worldwide Migration.

International Migrants Day

The big numbers

There are 232 million people in the world living outside of their country of origin. If migrants were representing a country, they would be part of the fifth largest country in the world; topping Brazil (203 Million), well below China (1,367 Million) and India (1,263 Million), but close to the population of the US (319 Million) and Indonesia (252 Million).

Migration: a Developed Country Phenomenon

Migrant flows have changed over the years. Nowadays, Migrants are mostly coming from developed countries with half of them originating from OECD countries to stay in OECD countries. Migration from poor country to rich country, against common beliefs accounts only for a quarter of the overall migration flow each year. Click the link to read more amazing facts about migration.

In other words, migration flows are driven by people from developed countries rather than underdeveloped countries. As a matter of fact, one out of ten people living in the OECD is a migrant. See and click on the infographic below to learn more.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 16.09.56

This year 2014, the majority of new migrants are coming from Asia and European countries: China (10%), Romania (5.6%), Poland (5.4%) and India (4%). You can get the hard numbers on this other infographic by Italian Infographic Designer Carlo Zapponi.

People movin
Extract of a dynamic Infographic by Carlo Zapponi. See it live on

Since the crisis, Germany has become a hub for migrant workers and students.

A Growing Number of Educated Migrants

30% of migrants worldwide are highly skilled workers with a university degree. This will probably continue to increase as the number of students worldwide enrolled on courses outside of their country of citizenship more than doubled since 2000. In 2012, there are 4.5 million international students, with 75% of them enrolled in OECD countries.

english-exam (1)

However, all is not bright and blue for these highly-skilled. Student and work visas are tough to obtain in some countries like the UK or the US. Migrants are less likely to be employed than native borns. When employed they are 50% more likely to be overqualified for the job. It is a lot of wasted economic potential that needs and can be fixed!

Join the call

As Ban-Ki Moon, UN Secretary General said:

Migration is an expression of the human aspiration for dignity, safety and a better future. It is part of the social fabric, part of our very make-up as a human family

Join the #IAmAMigrant online conversation with @Migreat and @UN

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  1. My name abdikarin i am from somalia germany is the best country of Europeans countries because they allowed refugees to come and live in thier country we are human so we have to help human the people they are seeking savity place and good hight live


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