Obama Provides Temporary Work Permits to Five Million Undocumented US Immigrants

Yesterday, Obama announced his plan for a US immigration reform in hope to move away from US Congress gridlock on the topic.

obama immigration reform

Obama announces that it will grant temporary work permits (3 years) to undocumented migrants currently living and that have been living for the last five years in the US so “they can get out of the shadows”. The measure yet to be implemented next year should lead to the regularisation of status of up to five million immigrants in the US. It does not apply to criminals, to recent immigrants or future immigrants. It is yet to be known if that can lead to the switch to a longer term visa also known as green card.

Obama also announced that it will “make it faster and easier” for highly skilled and entrepreneurs to stay and start businesses the US. Details are yet to be confirmed and it is not yet possible to say if it will be similar to startup and entrepreneur visas existing in other countries worldwide. If it were to be, the US might win the heart of many migrant entrepreneurs facing difficulties in Europe with immigration rules. Will it foster a brain-drain from Europe and from European nationals? The details and implementation has yet to prove the case 🙂

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