Looking for a job in Spain? Start by the job in shortage list

If you are looking to move to Spain for work from outside the EU, and are unsure where to look for jobs – the one place you might start looking at, is the national jobs in shortage list.

Every three months, Spain’s Public Employment Agency is publishing a list of jobs for which employers in Spain are having difficulties recruiting local workers. From naval engineers to doctors, this list contains a dozen of job titles that corresponds to skill and competences currently missing in the country, and desperately sought after. The list is very detailed and precise with a link to a geographical area where those skills are wanted. These jobs are regardless much of qualification levels – low-skilled and highly skilled jobs can be found on it.

SEPE spanish website for jobs in shortage

As a non-EU national looking for a job in Spain, this list is gold. It not only indicates which employees and skills are sought after by employers in Spain; it also provides a list of jobs for which recruitment and obtention of a work visa is made specifically easier. Indeed, for each job title listed on it, the visa process to get a work visa does not require the 28 usual days of advertisement of the job by employers. This means that a foreigner can get hired and prepare visa papers right away once the job offer is made and accepted.

A few more non-EU nationals are exempt of the need for the job to be advertised for 28 days. Those cases are listed on migreat.com section dedicated to Spain immigration.

If you are looking for support with your Spanish visa application, get our virtual assistant to provide you with a personalised to-do list of documents.

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