Migrants Contribute Event Recap: Time to get Social :)

On October 24th, Migrant organisation leaders and supporters gathered at Migreat office to work on Migrants Contribute Campaign‘s next steps. LAWRS (Latin American Women Rights Service) led the group to think actions following an introduction the campaign missions and a presentation by Migreat on how to campaign online and spread it across social media. Here a quick recap in pictures.

Introduction to the workshop
The meeting brought a variety of people coming from all ages and backgrounds

The campaign was introduced by Lucila from LAWRS to the new faces that joined that morning. Migrants Contribute is a grass-root campaign, led by UK migrant organisations and calling anyone interested in the immigration debate to join. As Lucila said on the day: “This campaign can never reach its goals unless it is led by every one of us, (…). If there are actions you would like to take on, please reach out!”

Presentation from Lucila
Lucila from LAWRS presenting the campaign first steps

The campaign aims at raising the visibility of the contribution migrants have made to the UK, and call on politicians and media to change the current negative discourse. “MigrantsContribute does not want to react and reply to the negative discourse. Instead MigrantsContribute campaign is here to create a new narrative to inform the debate from a different angle, a constructive one.” stated Lucila.

Bringing Migrants Contribute Campaign online and on Home screen
Bringing Migrants Contribute Campaign online and on Home screen

On the day, leaders and supporters shared knowledge of what had been done so far – the events, the website and the setting up of social media accounts –  and what could be done next: Migreat started a practical conversation on how to take advantage of these current assets to bring the campaign online on social media.

Half way through the meeting, the group split in three groups to think specific actions that could take the campaign to the mass and in the hands of migrants, leading the campaign closer to its ideal of a migrant led campaign.

Migreat Community Manager
Priya, Community Manager at Migreat, sharing her knowledge about Community building online

Three areas of work were discussed: a social media campaign. A campaign of stickers for migrant owned restaurants. A research and reach out to high profile individuals to become ambassadors of the campaign. All of this in the aim to gather a diverse pool of actors and places from where to speak out the reality of migrants and immigration in the UK.

From the meeting on the day, the group mentioned various initiatives already happening that the campaign could join. A list of related events has been made available on Migrants Contribute website. Lucila invited anyone interested in the campaign to add theirs too: “ we want you to take #MigrantsContribute campaign to where they think it can be useful and constructive.”

Migrant contribute campaign twitter
The Campaign Twitter created a lot of online interest on the day

The campaign is running since September and until the UK Elections. The group meets monthly for similar training and working group sessions, and it is open to new participants who are eager to make change happen. From December onwards, expect more public activities such as a Migrants Day Celebration, a call for politicians and press to commit to a fairer portrayal of migrants, and much more. Migrants and non-migrants, all welcome!


If you are interested to know more, follow campaign’s Twitter & Facebook accounts and take part in the next event.

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