Which passports are most frequently found in London?

For the first time, a book summarises all you knew about London in stunning designs and infographics, and we could not resist, as immigration number lovers at Migreat, to get excited when we saw a genius infographic on the country of origin and passport history of London foreign residents.

Telegraph Passport UK Acquired
Where Londoners are born – Census 2011. The Information Capital

In two similar but different infographics, Geographer James Cheshire and designer Oliver Uberti show us first the most common passport of London recently moved residents; and secondly the number of migrants that acquired the British nationality after spending a little while in the UK.

Telegraph Passport UK
Which Londoners turned British – Census 2011. The information Capital

Without surprise – Indians migrants are standing out on both infographics. In 2011, there were 156,500 Polish passport holders living in London beating the number of Indian passport owners (123,000).

The European Union passports are the most commonly find with 900,100 individuals living in London with such an EU passport. Asian passports come second with 348,600 passports coming from the large continent (Russia is not included as part of Asia here).

This said, there is a major drop and differences when one looks at the numbers of Polish passports in London, and the number of Polish born London residents – confirming evidence that many migrants after a few years apply to become British Citizen.

In 2011, there were 156,500 polish passports, and another 10,700 polish that owned a British Passport. Given the complex and strict immigration rules, as well as their long history of migration to the UK, it makes sense that there are more Indians who have turned British than Indians living in London on an Indian passport. Similarly, there are ten times more Kenyans with British passports (57,600) than with a Kenyan passport residing in London (5,700).


If you are an infographic lover, Migreat blog has much to offer: from infographic on US Entrepreneurial migrants to where UK migrant entrepreneurs are from – you can find all our infographic and migration data under the Migration World & City Data menu tab; or just follow the infographic tag.


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