Migrants Contribute: A National Campaign to raise visibility of Immigrants’ Positive Contribution to the UK

The IOM (international Organisation for Migration) is launching a national campaign #MigrantsContribute in collaboration with UK migrant organisations to bring more visibility of the positive contribution immigrants brought to the UK.

Migrant Contribute Campaign Pictures women

Among events, stories and gathering of data on the contribution made by migrants to the UK, the campaign aims at shifting the debate from a vision of migration as a problem to a process to be managed – a mean to enrich a Society.

For that in a globalised world, the UK will handicap itself if it continues developing barriers instead of linkages that connect the UK to countries, communities and individuals across borders. The UK has the power and opportunity to be on the forefront of making of immigration a powerful force driving the economy and society.

The#MigrantsContribute campaign will happen online and offline, with events listed on IOM website

What migrant bring

The next event gathering all volunteers to get involved in the campaign is happening this October 25th at Migreat office in London. The meeting will set the rules for anyone willing to get involved with the campaign and on the day Migreat will be providing training to volunteers and change makers on how to use social media for an effective campaigning.


If you are interested in getting involved with the campaign as a volunteer Change Maker, come to the next meeting on October 25th, reach out to us via @MigrantContribu or RSVP to veronica.becerra.correa[at]gmail.com

The workshop starts at 10am and finishes around 1pm. There will be drinks and snacks to feed thoughts and discussions 🙂

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