US Migrant Entrepreneurs: who’s most Entrepreneurial?

Following up on Migreat blog post on US migrant entrepreneurs statistics and their large contribution to the US economy; we dived into the raw data and compiled the information into a nice infographic.

US migrant Entrepreneurs by Migreat Blog

Mexicans, Indians, Koreans, Cubans and Chinese are the most common migrant entrepreneurs in the US representing an overall share of 35% of all migrant entrepreneurs in the US.

Mexicans make up the Lion share of this, representing 12% of the total of migrant owned US businesses while most other nations aside the top five fluctuate from 4% (Vietnamese) to an average 1% – 0.5%.

However, the most entrepreneurial of all migrants – on a percentage basis* – are coming from other lands all somehow close to the Mediterranean sea. Greeks, Israelis & Palestinians (data sources do not make a difference), Lebanese, Iranians and Syrians are the nationalities that top the charts: with the highest percentages of their fellows among their own diaspora starting businesses in the US. For instance, 1 in 5 Greek immigrant to the US owns a business, compared to 1 in a 50 for Mexican immigrants.

How does your country perform? Check the infographic and let us know on twitter @Migreat #MigrantEntrepreneurs or on Facebook.

Design author, source of the data and clarifications:  

Infographic designed by Laura Willis.

Raw data for this infographic was sourced from the Immigration Research Initiative of the Fiscal Policy Institute, and was substantiated against other data sources from the Center for Immigration Studies and Pew Research Center. The numbers listed in the table regarding entrepreneurial migrants was extrapolated from this data on the assumption that the average small business in the United States will have 2.3 co-founders. This number is based on statistical data from the Fiscal Policy Institute around the average number of founders in a small business. We used an additional assumption that all founders within a business shared the same foreign nationality.

These findings confirm previous findings from the Kauffman Foundation about US migrants being more entrepreneurial than native americans. With 40% of fortune 500 funded by immigrants or children of immigrants, US migrants now more than twice as likely to start a business compared to native americans and them being responsible for one out of 4 businesses created in the US in 2011, it makes no doubt that migrants contribute to the US economic recovery.

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