Romanians in London: a Vibrant Community Defying Media Stereotypes

This post is part of a series of blog posts introducing the multiple migrant communities living in London.

Who are the Romanians in London and are they really all coming to London massively this year like the UK press advertised last January to flee their country? Find out more about the Romanians in London and the lovely bunch they are below – or just meet them on Români în Londra!

Romanian Protest in London to save Rosia Montana
Romanian Protest in London to save Rosia Montana

A close-knit community 

Romanian migrants have recently attracted disproportionate attention from UK media for they just got free access to the UK job market in 2014. They are one of the smallest migrant group in the UK (if one wants to compare to French, Spanish or German migrants) with only 45,000 of them based in London, and one of the European migrant group the least likely to chose London as a destination to live, often preferring Italy, Germany and France for geographical and language reasons.

Against all stereotypes, Romanians residing in London are often highly skilled workers decided to settle in the country rather than just stay for temporary seasonal work. One website made up by a Romanian and Bulgarian, recently set up, makes fun of the stereotype.


Freedom can be sensed among the romanian community since the restrictions have been lifted: with a flourishing cultural and entertainment scene, a fast spreading of the traditional cuisine, by more and more romanian restaurants and shops opened all across London, romanians finally get their share in the diversity of London cultures.

A fun bunch, one can often spot them at a march, or a crazy party in London. And you can be sure to meet them at the cultural events organised so often at the Romanian Cultural Centre.

At Sharehoods, we want to bring visibility to the Romanian community online. Feel free to reach out to Georgiana from Români în Londra to get involved in the future, with mapping the community and digging out information about the vibrant Romanian London Diaspora.


Find out more about Romanians in London on Români în Londra, Migreat’s new community website bridging migrants with essential information on London.

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