How to become a sponsor company to hire migrants – the check list of the Home Office

The Home Office launched a series of monthly workshops organised in collaboration with Tech London Advocates, to make rules more easy to navigate. Migreat was there and, below, presents the take-aways of what it takes to apply to a sponsorship licence. On a side note, if you are about to apply to the sponsorship licence now, we have written a practical small guide to get started with it, and have expert tips from our immigration partners to share that you might want to read straight-away. A guy scrolling his ipad in search of info Which employer is eligible to the sponsorship Licence? 

This last workshop was targeted at startup companies wanting to hire migrants. Representative from the UK Border agency UKVI and the Home Office explained the process in details.

  • The sponsorship licence is open to any employer no matter was size.
  • All you have to do is to prove with the right document evidence that
  1. The person you are hiring is suitably qualified for the role; and that you could not find any other talent in the UK to fill that role (see jobs in shortage list or Resident Labour Market test)
  2. You are a registered and valid company
  3. You are able to comply with the Home Office rules in regards to hiring migrants (below)

A girl signing up papers - we only see her hands What will I have to do as a sponsor company?

You will have to pledge that you will accept the following duties:

  1. keep a staff file (or Googledoc) of contract of employment, record of leave and absences, evidence of permissions to work in the UK (Visa or passport), have a PAYE system up, contact details of all staff, employees are paid directly by bank account with a payslip issued.
  2. nominate one or three people at the office to be responsible of updating any recruitment information onto the Immigration Sponsorship system.
  3. know the rules: the UKVI advice to read the guidance document. we know that you will probably get put off by the length of the document – but WAIT! – lots of content won’t apply to you. The guidance covers a lot of different situation and categories for which you won’t have to read the content.

In short, the process is made for the UKVI to know the company and their recruitment intentions; verify the company complies with the  rules, and double checks that the worker you are hiring is one talent or has skills that not available in the UK. If you have questions, feel free to ask on and immigration experts will be happy to assist you. We also have produced in the past a simple check list guide for employees that would like to convince their employer to become a sponsor. It might come handy if you are trying to find arguments for your prospective or current company to sponsor you.

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