Canada’s new immigration system: a pro-active recruitment of highly-skilled workers

A new ‘express entry’ skilled immigration system is set to come into force in January 2015.The new Canadian Immigration program is said to be a shift from “passive processing to active recruitment”. Migreat recently talked for Skynews about the pro-active move of Canada to attract global entrepreneurs and talents to their country, this is one more move towards that direction.

Toronto Skyline. Credit Flickr Kai Schreiber
Toronto Skyline. Credit Flickr Kai Schreiber

Express Entry

Under the new express entry system, applicants will be able to submit an ‘expression of interest’ to the Canadian government; their resume and details will be entered into a database. Employers seeking foreign skilled workers will have access to such information on the database, allowing them to select suitable candidates.

When a Canadian employer cannot find locals to do the job after a labour market assessment (meaning advertising the job for a while), employer will be able to go online to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) database of applicants and look for the talent they need. Those with job offers will get priority treatment when it comes to invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Those candidates who are not chosen after their profiles have been on the database for some time will be removed from the database. The idea behind the scheme, according to CIC, is to “allow the government to select the best candidates who are most likely to succeed in Canada rather than those who happen to be first in line”.

Clarity Awaited

Immigration experts for their part are waiting for more clarity. One positive effect is shorter processing time but what is uncertain, however, is how applicants will be selected, and if a backlog of the ones that are not picked by employers will form.

Criteria to apply to visas will stay the same: applicants will have to be highly proficient in English and/or French language. Younger applicants will be given preference.

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