An Italian Startup Visa Announced

[This blog post has been updated after the launch of an Italian startup visa last June 2014 – for more info read our newest blog post on the Italian Startup visa Eligibility criteria]

A similar program to the Chilean startup visa could emerge from Italy in the next months.

Mattia Corbetta
Mattia Corbetta, consultant at the Ministry of Economic Development

Mattia Corbetta, consultant at the Ministry of  Economic Development and member of the Minister’s Technical Secretariat, discussed the topic of a startup visa in his interview with ‘La Fonderia dei Talenty’ (The Talent’s Forge) last month. He talked about the Development Decree 2.0, the government initiative to sustain innovative enterprises, and announces the italian government is planning a specific visa for entrepreneurs and startups:

In a month we’ll introduce the Italian Startup Visa, with a simplified procedure for the extra EU entrepreneur or startupper that would like to found their enterprise in Italy.

Migreat offers you to navigate the immigration system without having to go through the legal jargon and search hassle
Migreat offers you to navigate the immigration system without having to go through the legal jargon and search hassle

The Ministry for Economic Development will be in charge of granting the visa: the request will reach them through the internet, the enterprises will be put in different categories corresponding to innovative or interesting sectors for the Italian Economy and an expert committee will assess the business plan. The Italian Ministry want to make the process acts as a fast track to the visa for entrepreneurs: the application process should last no more than 4 weeks.

The granting of the temporary visa will composed of two stages: a first 12 months will be given to the entrepreneur and its startup to set up the business. After the 12 months, the entrepreneur will have to show the effective creation of the company and, in that case, the visa will be automatically renewed for 3 years. 

All the disposition about the Italian Startup Visa are part of a plan including tax breaks aimed to lower registration costs for innovative startups. Among the main fields promoted for the foreign innovation companies are considered: high tech, digital information, artisanal and industrial products, and services for R&D and agriculture.

This news comes at the same time that

It is exciting times for global entrepreneurs wanting to start a business in the UK in 2014!


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