How to successfully apply to the UK Entrepreneur Visa – Migreat Roundtable Event – March 26th, 9AM in London

On the morning of March 26th 2014, Migreat is co-organising a roundtable discussing the UK Entrepreneur visa rules and experience of applicants applying to it in order to launch its report titled “The UK Entrepreneur Visa: A golden route to the UK for promising entrepreneurs?

Produced by Migreat, the Report collects the stories and feedback from more than 60 foreign entrepreneurs who have gone through the application process in the past year to tell future applicants how to avoid common pitfalls and what challenges to expect.

Top 10 nationalities of successful applicants to the Entrepreneur visa
Top 10 nationalities of successful applicants to the Entrepreneur visa

The event will discuss the findings of the report and the most common challenges shared by foreign entrepreneurs applying as well as explore its implications for UK immigration policy, business support and the UK’s image among entrepreneurs globally. There will be time for a Q&A and networking for foreign entrepreneurs who have questions or looking for assistance to be helped. More broadly, the panel will discuss the current trend among developed countries worldwide to attract entrepreneurs through targeted visa schemes, and how the UK can maintain its lead as other countries are racing to catch up with the UK’s early lead.


The audience will represent a mixture of entrepreneurs, immigration experts and champions of the UK startup eco-system. If you are a prospective foreign entrepreneur looking to apply to the visa, you should definitely come join us as information on the pitfalls of such applications will be shared and discussed on the day. If you can’t attend on the day, you can follow us on Twitter via the hashtag #MigrEnts or at @Migreat

Applying to a UK Entrepreneur visa? Listen to our podcast with Seedcamp, Seed-funding program for early stage entrepreneurs in Europe.

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