Immigration tube map

UK Immigration Rules: Tier 1 changes for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Migreat is transforming complex immigration rules changes  into simple to read graphic.

Download as a PDF: Immigration Rules Changes Affecting TIER 1 of the PBS

In the picture above you can read all the major (dark blue) and minor changes (light blue) concerning Tier 1 Visas for the following categories:

Exceptional Talents: world-leading talent in the fields of science, humanities, engineering and the arts

Entrepreneurs: those with financial backing who are coming to the UK to set up, take over, or otherwise be actively involved in the running of a business in the UK

General: this category is now closed to applicants who are outside the UK, and to migrants who are already here in most other immigration categories.

Graduate Entrepreneurs: graduates identified by UK higher education institutions as having developed world class innovative ideas or entrepreneurial skills, to extend their stay in the UK after graduation to establish or more businesses in the UK.

Investors: high net worth individuals making a substantial financial investment in the UK

Any questions, tweet @Migreat or go dig into the sources and legal jargon:

UKBA Memorandum

Home Department Post

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