Thanks to migrants, I can party more

In London and most big cities with large migrant communities, you literally can celebrate 4 to 5 times Christmas. Eventually, you can always bring the cultural excuse to your heavy partying, every day of the year. Take this week as an example.

Catholic Christmas is overrated; why not celebrating Diwali this November? Have you bought your moon cake at this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinatown? Or are you planning on celebrating St Nicholas? If you live in London or any city with a large migrant population, you might want to take advantage of what this means: a cultural or religious holiday celebrated almost everyday by a few or many.

Not too long ago it was the Dia de los Muertos, literally Day of the Dead in Mexico along the All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day for Christians and Roman Catholics; but leave these aside as they are quite common to any European living in London and open your mind to travel culturally.

More Exciting/Exotic!

Yesterday was the start of Diwali, maybe one of the most popular Hindu Festival that literally means Festival of lights: houses, shops and streets are decorated with oils lamps (Diyas) fo the goddess of wealth (Lakshmi) to find her way into people’s houses.

Tomorrow is Shichigosan, the japanese festival literally seven (shichi), five (go), three (san) – named after the ages of the children taking part in it: children are dressed in Kimono and given a Chitose Ame (千歳飴 – literally “thousand year candy”) which stands for growth and longevity.

Not to mention that on the same day, November 15th of 2012 it will be the start of the Al Hijra, the muslim New Year celebrating the exodus of the prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina, which resulted in the creation of the first Islamic state.

I just can’t get Enough


I found very few multicultural calendar over the internet that would give you a precise idea of all celebration across cultures and religions – not to mention atheist’s celebrations –  displayed in a satisfying way. A shame. What’s going on Wikipedia, have you lost faith and enthusiasm?!

Because it is unacceptable, I declare that Migreat must take action. As such, watch this space for a calendar of most festival celebrations in London including non-religious holidays. We’ll make it look pretty wicked. We have started with Yuliya to put up a calendar of events in London for a Russian speaking audience… Let’s see what happens and iterate.

And please, get in touch if interested in helping… or just if we are missing one good party 🙂


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