A Connected World – Top 5 Gangnam Style videos or Gangnam Style taking over the world’s capital

Funny how in our connected world, culture spreads like a virus to very different geographic places unexpectedly.

Gangnam style is just one good example to illustrate this. Gangnam style original song and video was targeted towards a South-Korean audience, but in a few months it just spread over the internet with each country or city re-interpreting the music video, through their own culture lenses. Here is a short anthology of our favorites at Sharehoods.

1. Paris

Paris. Ah Ze French, never able to make anything without the State Authorisation. As you can see in the video, the so-called Flash-mob has been planned and organised in advance on one iconic place, Trocadero, in front of the Eiffel Tower. A sort of fake Fash-mob: a flashmob is supposed to be somehow spontaneously happening – with no one knowing it is going to happen. However, as you can see in this one, everything has been prepared and the authorities have been asked authorisation to reserve space to perform. Beautiful place to shoot but lacks of a bit spontaneity …

2. Russia

A sort of soviet-inspired version of Gangnam Style. Can’t wait to see the Pussy Riots response to that…

3. London

The british version is quite hilarious and interesting. It brings the British icons and sort of reference to the British etiquette while the person that impersonates the singer is obviously from the Commonwealth or anyway the very face of what London is about: people coming from all over the world with multiple identities and cultures.

4. Dhaka

Eventually, let’s applause those in Dhaka who gave it a Bollywood feel… and a quite neat video production.

5. And from a different planet and on a different tone…

Could not finish without putting a very different alternative to Gangnam style that is an example of how the web 2.0 culture is about blending different cultural/historical/fictional references…

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