Less immigrants, less opportunities. Thank you Damian!

Latest data of the ONS (Office of National Statistics) on immigration reports a slight decrease in the number of immigrants granted access to the UK, especially immigrants on a study or work related visa. This is bad news for the UK economy: the less people coming, the less innovation and opportunities. Who’s going to wake Britain up before everyone moves to Australia, Brazil or Canada, countries now attracting the most talented and the leaders of tomorrow?

This is ridiculous: http://bit.ly/OF26RxU. Immigration minister, Damian Green, expressed his contentment at the announcement of the decline in net migration numbers to the UK. The rationale behind this statement: less immigrants, more jobs for us and less individuals/families on benefits?

Who believes this? Who really believes that the job market is a box with a limited amount of job offers in it, awaiting to be taken? Who really believes that the less people, the more work opportunities? Who believes that immigrants, who do not speak the language and sometimes can’t write english, are all geniuses at discovering what they are entitled to and formulate demands to get the most benefits? Who believes people living on benefits are fulfilling their life dreams and have a thrilling social life by surviving on the mere basics? Who do you see behind the counter of your coffee shop or cleaning kitchens? Who believes this? Surely not the pro open-border advocates.

Worse: if you look at the lastest immigration numbers Damian Green is talking about, you can see that the drop is coming from people asking for student visas (-21%) and work-related visas (-7%). In other terms, people that have recently been denied access to the UK, are the very people willing to learn, grow their skills, work and achieve. They are ambitious individuals who will benefit Britain’s GDP by working, or they are young ambitious people willing to start their careers after attending university in the UK. Or are they not – the APPG on migration is enquiring and gathering evidence on the topic.

These latest immigration policies are conservative and their assumptions sometimes biased on a negative conception of immigration. People don’t come to the UK for its weather (though I admit I like the changing pattern of it, shades of grey), nor  for the food (though I have to admit again British sausages are really really nice – and the quality of restaurants has changed over last decades for the better). People come to London and the UK for its amazing diversity and people, its exciting job market and open-to-business attitude. If UK’s brains start to leave, what will be left? A shift in immigration flows has started, and is going to become a powerful trend of change, forcing countries to try to attract migrants. Wake up Britain!

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