London Olympic Games 2012: 3…2…1… Get ready!

Londoners willing to avoid Olympic Chaos and enjoy their bit of the feast: train yourself to follow these 5 tips with the rigour of an athlete.

If you who have chosen (or not) to stay in London this summer during the Olympics, you were warned: since february TFL has been communicating on the most likely delays about to happen in public transportation. While you can argue that the right question to ask is “Is there going to be any public transportation at all?”, here is our 5 tips for you to enjoy your bit of the London Olympic events this summer 2012.

1. GET LIGHTER – If you take the tube, just don’t bring that big bag pack. Remember last time, when you tried to sneak in and you could not just move or punch someone’s face with it. NB: If you can, simply don’t bother with transportation.

2. (a) BREAKFAST LIKE A CHAMPION …- If you are going to the Olympics, feast at breakfast. Food within the Olympic park is going to be SUPER-expensive (sponsors have not paid millions just because they support the universal ethics of the Olympics – if it has any), SUPER-average and you will have to SUPER-queue in the sun or in the rain (most likely in the rain). Get food worth your penny and time: enjoy your English breakfast like never before.

2. (b) … OR ENJOY YOUR PREMIUM SEAT WITH FRIENDS AND BEERS – If you are one of the zillions did not get any ticket, congratulations! You are the lucky not to face transport chaos, queue for toilets, fighting your way around or asking your way around to people that simply don’t know. Enjoy the Games, relaxed on the grass and with friends at one of the Live sites (

3. BE PREPARED – Anticipate shortage of cash, water or alcohol. Add to this that (1) you won’t be able to move to approvisionate yourself at another shop, buy today what you had planned to buy later. The Olympic Games last 14 days, you don’t want to run out of toilet paper.

4. WORK & PARTY HARD – If you work for a smart company, you should be able to work from home. This means: you can wake up a bit later and get the work done quicker. Means: free time to party at some roundhouse nearby ( The dutch one looks like a promising one, all sponsored by Heineken. Just saying.

5 – But the best advice remains: RUN AWAY (and make money doing it). Rent your flat on Airbnn (www.Airbnb.comfor a weekend and enjoy the Olympics from Brighton.

Eventually, keep calm and carry on smiling.

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